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  1. photostu

    Wet spindles into mills

    I purchased some wet 3x3x12 spindles to make into pepper/salt mills. I've turned them into round blanks and now I'm wondering how long they need to dry out. Still new to turning hence the question. Do I need to get a meter and measure the moisture and wait until a desired value? Can I turn and...
  2. photostu

    My first ever turnings, pair of mills

    Used walnut and spalted maple for the pepper and salt mills, respectively. Both mills turned out great and work as expected. I did go for the duplication and was mostly successful. The client, aka the Mrs., was happy so that's what counts! Sanded both down to 1200 grit and then finished both...
  3. photostu

    Sander -> ShopVac best results?

    I just purchased a Makita BO5041 ROS and have the necessary tubes/adapters to connect this to my Rigid ShopVac that also has the faux cyclone that sits on top of a 5gal bucket. When I connect the tubing plus the step down adapter, the bucket starts to cave in a bit cause I'm starving the...
  4. photostu

    Salt/Pepper mill wood options?

    Think I'm going to turn some mills for the house, first time doing it. Curious as to what wood types would make for a good matching pair. Lighter colored wood for salt, darker for pepper obviously. Gut says walnut and maple, thoughts?
  5. photostu

    Nice table saw blade on sale at Lowe's I got one with free shipping for $17.59. Just sharing...
  6. photostu

    Side table - how best to affix the top

    Hi guys, I'm building this outdoor umbrella side table and I have the frame finished. I'm looking for ideas on how best to affix the top and lower shelf. You can see the lower shelf will just slide into place and be flush with the other side. The top will just sit on top of the frame. Both the...
  7. photostu

    Shop clock project complete

    A special thanks to @tri4sale for helping me with this project. I saw a clock made on YT and wanted to replicate it, this is my result. I think it turned out pretty good and it looks great in the shop! The top is ambrosia maple, the underlay is walnut. Thanks for looking... :)
  8. photostu

    mortise chisel back flattening - fun! spent about 5m to get it the point you see in the picture on a 1000g diamond stone. Was thinking, oh, this will be easy to finish... 20m later, still haven't fully removed that cove at the tip. Hopefully the flattening on the 8K and 12K stones will go...
  9. photostu

    Smoothing plane - tear out?

    I'm still very new in the hand tool world, but I'm starting to use my hand planes. I think I already know the answer, but thought I would ask to make sure. When planing, the grain direction must matter to prevent tear out. I'm starting to build an outdoor side table and was working on the legs...
  10. photostu

    Local CNC work?

    I've never done anything with CNC, but I saw a basic project on YT that I want to replicate - a shop clock. How do I go about finding someone or a business that would assist with the CNC portion of the project? Anyone local to Raleigh area that can assist? TIA.
  11. photostu

    Drill Press - Free Its old, it has fallen, the switch panel is taped on, but it works. If you need it and are close to Fuquay, drop me a line. First come first serve, or else its headed to recycling.
  12. photostu

    New assembly/outfeed table

    I finally have a table, after completing the base and affixing the top. Still need to route out the slots for the mitre tracks and build in a lower shelf. Its nice and study and I can use a hand plane on stock in the vise with almost zero table movement. This being my first table, I of course...
  13. photostu

    Outfeed/assembly table questions

    I'm building my first outfeed/assembly table for my workshop, this is the inspiration for the design: It will be a torsion box top created from mdf/ply/hardboard surrounded with a hardwood edge on all sides. I...
  14. photostu

    HF DC Impeller upgrade complete + wireless remote

    From a prior post, I mentioned I would be doing the impeller conversion from the Rikon model. The conversion is complete and the DC is working as expected. I have done no measurements, going with the data presented in this video: I'll be doing the...
  15. photostu

    New miter saw station - in progress

    Per my sketchup design I shared, here is the current state of my miter saw station. I'm now in the process of building out the drawers and thinking about how to manage dust collection at the saw. my DC is off to the right on the wall. I'm partially wondering if I will miss room on the right hand...
  16. photostu

    Which puller tool? - HF DC impeller conversion

    I'm going to do the impeller swap in my HF DC with the Rikon model, does anyone happen to have the puller tool needed to remove the existing impeller or can point me towards which one is correct? Ideally would not like to buy this for a 1 time only use, but will if need to. thanks for your time!
  17. photostu

    Miter saw station carcass layout

    I'm building my first mitre saw station, wanted to post this design to see if my carcass design is ok. Mainly the stringer config, is this enough? This is being placed upon an existing base, which is inset enough to provide a toe-kick area.
  18. photostu

    eBay 10% ANYTHING today only

    ebay is having another %off sale today only, its only 10% this time, but that still helps out on larger tool purchases. Just sharing, I don't work for 'em!
  19. photostu

    DWS 780 12" Dual bevel sliding miter for sale Yes, this is my listing.
  20. photostu

    Grizzly 10% coupon yours for the taking

    COUPON CODE: 18CFLJ6QPCCB5KU I will not use, it expires on 9/30. If you use it, update the thread so others will know it was taken. Enjoy.

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