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  1. pop-pop

    Results of dust collection mods to Ridgid contractor saw

    Clever idea to box the motor rather than trying to seal the cabinet opening for the motor & belt.
  2. pop-pop

    Why aren’t pictures fully shown

    In what we are seeing, only the first picture is bottom cropped. Subsequent pix in the same post display fully.
  3. pop-pop

    Why aren’t pictures fully shown

    I have been getting that also on an iPad.
  4. pop-pop

    First Attempt at Maloof Style Rocking Chair

    On UNC-TV, the last two episodes of “American Woodworker” were on making a Maloof rocker. He had some useful tips.
  5. pop-pop

    Best glue for cork on vise?

    Does using liquid hide glue in a bottle or heated hide glue from flakes matter? We can glue the crubber your way in the vise workshop.
  6. pop-pop

    Motor service/repair?

    I'll add a word of caution since you will probably work on the motor on your workbench. Before testing for the first time, be sure to clamp the motor's base in a vise, or otherwise restrain it to the bench. If you don't, and the motor has vigorous starting torque, it may jump off the bench...
  7. pop-pop

    Squaring dilemma - Jointer

    There are some magnetic feather boards on the market. Magswitch is one brand.
  8. pop-pop

    Best glue for cork on vise?

    It is available at almost all but may not be on display. You may have to ask for it.
  9. pop-pop

    Motor service/repair?

    You may be able to fix it with just minimal mechanical skills. First, blow out any sawdust. Does it rotate freely turned by hand? No, bearings or lube. It looks old enough to have sleeve bearings and oil reservoirs which can be reoiled. Is it trying but not coming up to speed? No, start...
  10. pop-pop

    Best glue for cork on vise?

    I first used yellow glue, spray adhesive, etc. However, I will sometimes have a vise clamped in a vise overhanging and if left overnight, the adhesive would creep from the torque and wrinkle the crubber. Best results so far have been with 3M spray contact cement. Changing the crubber is a bit...
  11. pop-pop

    Vise workshop second prototype

    I am still building the vise to use the four lobe wheel. I’ll bring examples and patterns for both to the workshop so you can choose at the last minute. Or, bring two blanks and make one of each.
  12. pop-pop

    Need help on jointer adjustment

    To get the outfeed table close, try dropping it a bit. This will produce a snipe as the board leaves the indeed table. Slowly raise and test until the snipe disappears and you’ll be close.
  13. pop-pop

    Vise advice? Pop-pop has me considering options

    I’ll start by saying that I and others who have a high vise evolve to using it as their primary vise. My front of my bench has a leg vise, sliding leg vise, and a high vise. Usage of the high vise is probably 90-95% relative to the others. My high vise designs include a clamping bracket so...
  14. pop-pop

    Vise workshop second prototype

    Made another vise handwheel to evaluate 4-lobe vs. 5-lobe. Decided on an end-grain butcher block glue-up from more bits of reclaimed walnut. A nice bonus of this method is the entire periphery of the handwheel is long grain for better feel and appearance.
  15. pop-pop

    Redoing a metal and wood lawn bench

    Ace Hardware stores also have it in several colors.
  16. pop-pop

    Interesting Butcher Block request

    Seems like an ideal application for butcher block laminate. It doesn’t seem to be available in end grain though.
  17. pop-pop

    Tile wall to drywall bathroom remodel - hvac supply fix

    Could you trim the duct with aviation snips or a multi-tool? Or even a small angle grinder?
  18. pop-pop

    Sliding leg vise with X cross

    I didn’t even think about it. Only needed to remove a narrow web left from the two tablesaw rips so that was the natural thing to do. Sawed about half way down, inverted the board, and finished.
  19. pop-pop

    Sliding leg vise with X cross

    Yes, about 15 years ago, when Bill Anderson was just starting teaching. Just another guy and I each made a jointer plane in Bill’s home shop on the edge of Chapel Hill. Pretty sure it was his very first jointer plane class. Making that plane today at the Woodwright’s School costs a bunch more.
  20. pop-pop

    Sliding leg vise with X cross

    Retrofitted a longer Acme screw into my sliding leg vise today and now have 9” of throat capacity. Almost immediately I needed that extra throat to finish re-sawing a board just a bit too wide for both my bandsaw and tablesaw. Then, with the leg vise, holding the resawn boards for jointing...

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