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  1. CrealBilly

    Ordering trees Butternut

    I'm ordering trees and Butternut came up from my wife. I've never eaten a butternut nut before. Have sawed a few (white walnut) logs though. Has anyone ever eaten a butternut nut before? Is it really a rich, sweet buttery tasting but or is that just a name? More info...
  2. CrealBilly

    Amazon Launches $2 Billion Housing Fund in 3 US Cities

    Read all about it.
  3. CrealBilly

    3way switch wiring diagram with power in and switched leg in the same box

    Someone will thank me for this, eventually.
  4. CrealBilly

    HF PTO Gen Set

    Anyone with first hand experience with the gen set? Seems to have good reviews. My tractor is 85hp so not conserned about the 30hp requirement.
  5. CrealBilly

    What does this mean?

  6. CrealBilly

    Floating shelves questions

    @Willemjm I don't understand why your original thread is closed. Seems rather silly, but it's whatever. So my apologies for having to troll your threads and start a new one. I'm curious if you have made floating shelves around an entire room with 45 degree corners? I own a rental house that...
  7. CrealBilly

    Weird bolt puzzle

  8. CrealBilly

    Need help corner ties and strainers

    I have several corner ties and strainers to build l'm not looking for anything "fancy". I just want build the basic out of RR Ties but be all wood with good strong joints. I would like the strainers and corner ties to be shaped like this ---> |x| but the X lap jointed in the middle and the ends...
  9. CrealBilly

    da vinci helicopter puzzle

  10. CrealBilly

    This cost $48,000.00

  11. CrealBilly


    Looking to build a 8x16 dock in the farm pond. I have 4 plastic 55 gallon barrels that I plan on as my pontoon. The dock will be anchored to the shore, most likely with some rebar sunk in deep holes full of cement. Not sure if this is classified as a dock persay but more like a anchored...
  12. CrealBilly

    Black Walnut Burl

    What ya'll reckon this is worth?
  13. CrealBilly

    Something is wrong with me

    I'm not right in the head, I need some serious help! I have 16 of these tender delicious Jumbo Cornish Cross chickens in the truck with the heat on, keeping them warm while I fix them up a temporary tub for the night. I guess they will go in the barn 8x16 tack room tomorrow. What the heck is...
  14. CrealBilly

    Angry Wife Wanted

    Wanted - Angry Wife, who's husband cheated on her and she is willing to sell his tools, DIRT CHEAP.
  15. CrealBilly

    Harbor Freight - Marriage Saver

    I know what you're thinking... But I'm telling you, this harbor freight panel hoist is worth every penny. As a matter of fact it should be called the Marriage Saver.
  16. CrealBilly

    I did WWing

    All most embarrassed to post this here, but at least it's woodworking. Wife bought some coat hangers off Amazon and put them on the dinning room table next to my plate. Well you guys know what that means... I asked her, do you want prim and proper or farm-girl? She gave me the stink eye. I...
  17. CrealBilly

    Sad state of affairs for SYP
  18. CrealBilly

    Farm Pond help

    I'm in the beginning stages of planning for hooves here on the farm. This spring I plan on a small herd of hair (meat) sheep, no more than a dozen to begin with. I already have three head of cattle picked out of my neighbors herd also. Raising farm animals is new to me. But I do know a few...
  19. CrealBilly

    eBay tip - how to save yourself some money.

    My Bobcat needs a new seat. On eBay, I put three of the lowest priced + shipping into my cart. All the same UPC number, but three different sellers. Let's wait a few days and see what happens. See if I get any offers or better pricing options. After three days I get an email from eBay. Boom -...
  20. CrealBilly

    I wonder what Sawduster been up to?

    Sawduster scrolled this for me for my my desk. But when I had my sawmill business rolling there in NC, farm-truck was my desk. Made of 8/4 walnut board I gave him. It's been velco'ed to exact same place on my dash since 2005 and not a check in it anywhere. I just wanted to tell him thanks again...

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