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    How to Add a PDF File in Resources

    I've done this before but today it doesn't work. I'm trying to upload a PDF to the Resources area. I initially get a place to upload the attachment but it doesn't show when I finalize the resource. I tried attaching it in another location in the Resources edit window but get a message that the...
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    A Stand for an Old Delta Scrollsaw

    I designed this stand for the old Delta 24" scrollsaw that I grew up with. The other day I was thinking I need to go buy the oak to do this. Then my wife asked me to come look at some wood in her parents back garage. There's probably enough white oak there for this thing and a huge pile of very...
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    Stand for an Ancient Delta 24" Scroll Saw

    Yesterday I was out in the shop tuning up the old Delta 24" scroll saw that my grandfather had in the shop when I was growing up. It's been sitting on a "table" made of a piece of plywood across a couple of sawhorses and I got to thinking I should make a stand for it. Most of the stands I've got...
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    iBox Help

    Mike needs help with his iBox. ;)
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    Underground Furniture

    Thought some of you might get a kick out of this.
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    Question re: Patterns for Turning

    If you have a pattern for turning printed full size on paper similar to the one on the right, would you want dimensions on it? If so, what dimensions? Would you want just an overall length to check the printing with? Would you want diameters at certain points along the leg? Thanks for your time.
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    Dining Table

    I thought I'd share some images of a dining table I designed for clients in New York City. They wanted an extension table large enough to seat 10, or even 12, for their frequent large Friday night meals but they wanted it to suit their smaller family the rest of the week. They asked for a wood...
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    Dovetails in SketchUp

    I thought I'd share this link to a tutorial video I did on drawing dovetails in SketchUp. If you want to add that kind of detail to your models, the Wudworx dovetail plugin makes quick work of it. The link is here. I used the SketchUp model of the North Bennet Street School toolbox which I...
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    Flight Tray

    Playing with a simple idea for a flight tray. I might have to make a bunch of them. Has anyone else made such a thing? I'd be interested in seeing your designs. Not a real fan of the paddle design.
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    An Eagle Scout Project

    I thought I'd share a little volunteer project I'm working on. The son of a friend is working on his Eagle Scout project. It's quite a big deal for a 16 year old kid. He develops an idea, recruits people to assist, presents the project to a proponent and makes sure it gets finished. This is...
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    Toy Dump Truck--Last Minute Gift?

    Morning SketchUp practice. Or, more properly, avoidance tactic to keep from going out into the -43°F wind chill. Toy tilt trucks based on a design by Ko Verzuu for Ado Holland in 1951. Pretty simple to model and would be simple to build in the shop if someone was looking for a gift for a...
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    Old Style Woodworking Plans

    I like looking at woodworking books from the 1800s and up into the early 1900s. I find the plans they usually include to be almost works of art. Minimalistic in the info they present but complete. Clearly they expect the woodworker to apply his skills to completing the project. I believe it...
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    A Danish Coffee Table

    It's been awhile since I shared a design I've been working on. Here's something I'm thinking about for our 3-season porch. It's based on a piece from Denmark c. 1960. I'm considering reworking the top to have sort of molded breadboard ends. The center section of the top would be maple ply with...
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    3D Printing for Wood Turners

    Now those who prefer the spinny side of life can get in on the 3D printing craze, too.
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    SketchUp Tutorials

    I thought I would post this for those who are looking for ways to advance their SketchUp skills. Last fall I think I mentioned that I was working on tutorials for drawing pieces like those in the following images. Those tutorials are collected in an eBook that has finally been published by the...
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    Arts and Crafts Desk

    I just thought I'd share an image of a model I made today. It's based on a desk from the early 1900s. I think they must have had tough shins in those days. I'm thinking about doing plans for this piece.
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    A Simple Walnut Serving Tray

    This is a tray I made as a birthday gift for my wife. The walnut was a piece her father had in his stash when he died. He'd gotten it from a relative's farm to make her a cedar lined chest. He never got it made and unfortunately, he'd stored it improperly so by the time I got it and took the...
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    Pinewood Derby

    After a bunch of years of not being interested in being in Scouts, my son, age 11, decided to join at the beginning of the school year. He'll be going to Boy Scouts next month but he was able to get in one Pinewood Derby at least. Here's his car. He was inspired by watching Chitty Chitty Bang...
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    Topic for Upcoming SketchUp Workshop

    I'd like to see if we can come up with a topic for the SketchUp workshop that folks will find useful. Please vote for one of the options here. Or suggest a new topic.
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    Sample Stools?

    The originals of these are all dated to around 1950. The one front right is American. The rest are French. I think these designs would still work fine today and none would be terribly difficult to make.

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