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  1. tri4sale

    More FREE cabinets and other

    Phil - I can use the shelving and brackets in the last picture.
  2. tri4sale

    Dust Collection Hose Size

    I had a 1 1/4" Shop Vac, problem I had was it constantly got clogged from dust and wood chips, don't have that issue with my 2 1/2" hose system.
  3. tri4sale

    Dust collection blast gates

    Well considering a single non-electric 4" aluminum dust gate is $13 at Klingspor, getting both those boxes for $50 is a good price. I searched eBay and an electriconic dust gate is $110 for one (was quick search, I'm sure they can be found cheaper) so I think $50 is good deal if they work. I'd...
  4. tri4sale

    Epoxy source

    I've seen a few places recommend no more than 1/8" per pour, but watching lots of youtube videos, I see people pour super thick layers. Since you are doing a clear pour, I think you would want to be conservative in your pour to avoid bubbles. Lots of thicker pours are colored which can help...
  5. tri4sale

    Epoxy source

    Consider using some System Three (System Three Resins | Premium Epoxy Adhesives, Coatings, and Sealants) They were kind enough to donate for the raffle. And you can buy it at Klingspor and Woodcraft, two more raffle supporters. And follow instructions regarding the depth of pour, not only...
  6. tri4sale

    Lie-Nielsen Edge Plane - 95-RT (SOLD)

    PENDING PICKUP SATURDAY MORNING Lie-Nielsen Bronze Edge Plane - 95-RT New in box, only opened and took out for pictures. Retails $150 Sale $100 Will Ship for $10 more. Pickup in Clayton, NC which is 20 minutes east of Raleigh down I-40.
  7. tri4sale

    SawStop Titanium Series Saw Blades - New in box

    2 New in Box SawStop Titanium Saw Blades Model #: BTS-P-80HATB - 10" Plywood and solid surface blade. Retails for $89.00 on Amazon. Model #: BTS-R-40ATP - 10" Ripping and crosscut blade. 40 tooth. Retails for $69.00 on Amazon. $150 retail value. Sell for $100.00 Will ship for $10...
  8. tri4sale

    Better than SawStop

    For me, the technical how and why it does what it does causes my eyes to glaze over. All I care about is that all my fingers are present if I screw up and get to close too the blade! I prefer the Felder over SawStop method if it saves me a few bucks or $100 when it triggers
  9. tri4sale

    Need to have a couple of slabs surfaced

    I've done a slab on my CNC, but nothing that large. Yours will fit on my CNC, it's a 4' x 8' Let me know if you want to try that method.
  10. tri4sale

    ShopBot two day class

    I took this class a few years ago, really good info even if you don't have a ShopBot brand CNC.
  11. tri4sale

    I’m not feeling woodworky...

    My garage has insulation in the attic, and on 2 of the 4 sides. I run a mini-split and keep the temp high when not in there, and just drop it about 30 mins to an hour before I go out to work, and it does a great job making the room comfortable. Mini-splits are very efficient, so I don't think...
  12. tri4sale

    What to do with a Grand Prize that I cannot use.

    Agreed, I'm thrilled with my winnings this year, but I have 2 items from last years winnings that still are sitting in the box, never used, and likely will never be used by me. Really should get my act together and post them for sale...
  13. tri4sale

    Compact Dust Collection: Festool, Fein, or Other

    I have both a Fein and a Festool. The Fein are louder then the Festool. The Festool connected to my tracksaw and orbital sander does amazing job with dust collection. If you already have Festool tools, I'd just stick with that brand. Now one difference is the Festool hose is smaller diameter...
  14. tri4sale

    Painting many Interior doors - Advice

    agreed, I'm a real estate agent full time, and have been in many many homes, and seen many design choices, and black is often one that people are most unhappy with. It can make a home feel very dark and depressing, even when used sparingly. But, I always tell people it's your home, do what...
  15. tri4sale

    2019 Raffle Results and Data

    Thank you Jeremy and all the others who work so hard behind the scenes to get a great selection of prizes! Your work to put together and pull of the raffle is greatly appreciated!
  16. tri4sale

    Raffle Drawing in 4 Days

    My card company was able to tell me why it was declined (issue w/ the 3 digit code) and was able to override it if I tried purchasing again. Call them on the phone and try to buy while on the phone, if declined ask them why and how to get around it.
  17. tri4sale

    40W CO2 Laser Engraving/cutting Machine Help/Training

    which one did you get? I've been eyeballing a couple myself.
  18. tri4sale

    Some have project plans in their head, some ......

    Bah, that's nothing, not an issue... no need to clean that up.... Please send an after photo of the cleaned up so I can sleep at night....
  19. tri4sale

    Accidents Do Happen

    And this is why I require a Certificate of Insurance sent from their agent on all jobs. So many ways for accidents to happen. I see so many people with burn piles and nobody near them and monitoring them, and no way to put the fire out if it gets out of control.
  20. tri4sale

    Problem Ordering Raffle Tickets

    Call your credit card company right after a decline, they can tell you why, and they can even override the decline and you can do it again and it will go thru. And if you are in Canada and the card being used mostly in Canada, and suddenly a NC charge appears, they may decline as it looks...

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