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    Wood work vs Metal work

    Yeah, the last wood I was using was pretty damaged it was challange
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    Wood work vs Metal work

    Besides doing Woodwork, some of us here do Metalwork as well. I do my fair share in spurts depending on the needs of a job. To that end, whenever I am doing woodworking I am sure that 80% of all the work is sanding - :oops: I started to make this as humor but, when I got thinking about it and...
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    Epoxy for crack filling

    If it is totally cured either will work.
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    multiple blades?

    The concern I see is this assuming your saw runs @ 3450 rpm. Using math on this - the blade rotation for the 8"is about 21-22% less rotation than a 10"blade that means to me that, the engineers thought the smaller dia blade size was decided on because of a safety concern for the increased...
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    Mr. Cool Mini Split DIY

    Nice, great narrative ! You did not mention but if the ceiling and wall are not insulated, they need to be. Also, the ceiling should be R30 Min. this will lower the elec cost by 1/2 or more. Finally if you are in to tricky you could insulate the roof with R19 then suspend a ceiling down 18"-2...
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    Plexi and Wood

    What I have done with great results in the past has been a hybrid of Matt's response The only change I add is this: 1. Cut the rabbet, dry fit, if you are happy then go on to #2. 2. Mask off what you are not working on. Seal the wood where the plexi/glass/plastic is going with super glue...
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    Latest Turnings

    Super nice ! ......
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    DeWalt 735X planer $499 on Amazon

    The DW735x comes with two essential extras over the DW735, the infeed, and outfeed extension tables and an extra set of knives. The tables help to maintain stock in a perfectly flat position. The extra knives are about 40-50 bucks a set in themselves Richard ........ you are an evil man...
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    Blast from the Past Saw Blade

    That cut was done full blade depth, the only thing I see that blade doing well is hogging it does not have any kick when you do it, other than that it is a novelty only, maybe the inventor hadn't discovered circles yet.
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    Spalted maple

    Drying fungus will only make it dormant, if you want to kill it, bleach is the best
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    Bourbon barrel cabinet

    If he is like my brother, he is expecting to stock it too ! :D
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    What's your favorite "cheap" tool?

    These are my are my favorites as of late. Got each for 5 bucks each. the machinist square I got at a garage sale. The Milwaukee small speed square was a kit (big one + small one) I got with a discount for just over 10 bucks.
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    Spalted maple

    For clarity......... ;) .......... "Thanks Jeff - I guess all the brain cells haven't been damaged".......yet!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to All

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I know this has been a really tough year, if I had to give a yelp review 2020 would get 1 star .... but - I am very thankful that we all are here pounding wood into things it would not be otherwise. Also, Happy for interaction and internet friendship. I am...
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    Black Walnut Burl

    If it is solid I would say yeah that is reasonable. It would be a good deal. But, burl sometimes can be pretty airy, the waste factor could be big. I don't know walnut burl that well just looking at that pix I would 30-40% of it could be scrap or small use piece, or you could cut it and resin...
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    Something is wrong with me

    I see chicken salad in your future
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    Black Walnut Burl

    A Christmas gift for me, I'll pay postage ..... no idea
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    How do I make this large profile?

    1"flat on both ends means 1"tangent on both ends. The tangent section is where the radius ends and the straight line/plane begins
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    How Long? Really?

    Yeah delivery delays are everywhere. I went to Safeway here (Kroger's parent company) and the cheese aisle was almost empty, maybe 12 packages of any cheese left. THE Store Mgr told me it is shipping delays because of the pandemic. In general, about 40-50% of light cargo goes on common air...

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