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    Wood work vs Metal work

    Besides doing Woodwork, some of us here do Metalwork as well. I do my fair share in spurts depending on the needs of a job. To that end, whenever I am doing woodworking I am sure that 80% of all the work is sanding - :oops: I started to make this as humor but, when I got thinking about it and...
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    Happy Thanksgiving to All

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I know this has been a really tough year, if I had to give a yelp review 2020 would get 1 star .... but - I am very thankful that we all are here pounding wood into things it would not be otherwise. Also, Happy for interaction and internet friendship. I am...
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    Blast from the Past Saw Blade

    Forgot I had this, so I loaded it up on my saw. I got this in the 80's thinking 1985-ish. Anyway, pretty sure I got it to trim down a door....... not. Nah just curiosity I think this is the 3rd time I used it. The pix speak for themselves. It does cut a radius and you can side swale out wood...
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    Cordless rack

    Since it has been raining here non stop, got frustrated, so I figured I should focus that energy on something useful. So, I made a cordless rack. When I finished was when I realized I had 4 drills and 4 impact screw guns. This is a perfect demonstration of self control ...... :oops: ...
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    Revised the DeWalt Saw- before / after

    When I got relocated to Hawaii, I had to leave a bunch of stuff because of weight allowance the relocation package had. That meant I had to sell the Cabinet saw, the Trailblazer Welder, the ATV and a bunch of other stuff to keep under the 10,000 lb max. Anyway, when I got here I got a Delta...
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    Guess what this is ?

    I am not sure, kinda looks like Honduran Rosewood, but honestly just a guess maybe Sisso ? Anyone know what this looks like ? It was part of an auction lot, Heavy, my guess it is about hard as Santos
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    New Saw for me

    So I see on Craig's list This saw, Look at it look up the specs' and figure for 350 bucks, I'll give it a go. Anyway, most of you know this saw, and until I get my shop built I will need to be able to move it around. Once the shop is done (waiting on permits, money, time) Then I'll get a real...
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    Somehimers and age

    Not sure if this falls into somehimers CRS (cant remember S**t) age or all three. I needed to use my Track saw today to rip down some ply for drawers. Since I moved, I tried to keep all my things in order. Anyway, Get the tracks out and I cannot find to connecting bars, I look and look but to...
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    Saw something and made a Prototype

    So, I saw this Japanese carpenter on a video using a long T-type square, and I thought I would like one of those. Thinking about it I figured I would need a steel rule that is 40-60,000th's (3/64-1/16th+/-) range. I found a rule that was 45,000th's figured 12 bucks ....ok. I ordered it. Not...
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    Tooling Steel on Drill Bits and Chisels

    I know this is not a wood posting, but I thought I would post something on metals. Specifically, tool steels. This will get a bit “in the weeds” but hopefully this will help some who never give tool steel much thought a new perspective on steel. In the last 20 years of my career, I do a fair...
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    DeWalt at its finest .... Not

    So, I was doing a project today, and decided I should use a new drill bit for the holes I would be drilling. Now, as a Bonafide Toolholic of course I have quad-duplicates or better of every every high-speed bit I own. Anyway, I tend to go through a lot of 1/8th and 5/16th bits. So, I go to...
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    New Sanders 1st blush review

    Well, I had a Amazon credit, so I figured I would get a couple of bench top sanders with it.. 1. Is a Wen Spindle sander 2. Is a Powertech 1" wide 30" belt sander. The Wen spindle comes with a spindle set 1/2" to 3". The unit weighs around 35 lbs +/-. That tells me I ll need to bolt it down...
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    Saturday stuff Discovery & Effort

    Well, as I posted before a bunch of the wood I shipped got water damaged, so I figured I would see how bad is it really. I took a piece of 5/4 1x18 Mahogany and decided to use it as a grinder table top... I know crazy utility use of 18"wide stock. Anyway, I ended up planing it down just over...
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    looking at getting a new jigsaw advice

    I have been looking at updating some of my tools one being the jigsaw. I have a Bosch 1531VS I had others but this one is a replacement to my old Bosch that someone stole. TBH it is not as good as the old one. That said, what is everyone using and is there a better one out there, I am kinda out...
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    Advice on salt water damaged wood

    In my move some of my wood was damaged by the shipping container having a leak. All was cabinet select grade-:mad::( Bottom line, a lot of Maple, Oak and Mahogany got soaked with both salt water and rain. By the time I got it out the damage was severe. (10 days) The wood is stained warped and...
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    Found in the rafters Vintage square

    I found this in the rafters at my house. The background: My house was built for this guy and his wife (wife is Japanese) 48 years ago, The house was built by the wife's father (also Japanese) who was in his 50's when he built it. The house was hand built... meaning the cabinets, trim, and...
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    Random Discovery at Home Depot Hawaii

    I was shopping at Home Depot in Hilo and discovered something I never saw before. Home Depot carries Oak, Poplar, Birch, Maple, Mahogany and Walnut plywood. Don't know if this is seasonal or what, just 1st time i have ever seen such a selection. Most regular plywood here is Borate treated for...
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    Finally got my stuff !

    I finally got my stuff so everything is here, I am moved albeit still in shambles until I get it organized but.... At least I got my computer up and running .... Yay !!!
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    Earth Quake in North Carolina !??

    Wow, I knew North Carolina was "shakin' it up" but an Earthquake ? (5.1) hmmm decent size Maybe it is because too many of you are making Shaker tables. ... :D
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    Some PPl's Kids.....Why do I have Lake Norman Map

    All, I have a 48" x 66" Lake Norman Map, if anyone wants it all I ask is for you to pay the postage. I think it cost me around 200 bucks Why I brought it to Hawaii............. who knows......... 1st come 1st served

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