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  1. PeteStaehling

    Another plug cutter question, smaller sizes?

    Are there any decent plug cutters for making smaller plugs, like 1/8" or 3/16"? I use plugs for decorative purposes and for markers. I like to use plugs sometimes instead of going to the effort of doing veneer inlays. I have sometimes turned short sections of dowel for the purpose but they...
  2. PeteStaehling

    Spindle and face plate wrenches for HF lathe.

    I was going to ask where to find wrenches that fit the HF benchtop lathe spindle and face plate, but discovered that a 32mm bicycle headset wrench fit the face plate and another bike tool (PARK TOOL HCW-5 CRANK AND BOTTOM BRACKET WRENCH) fit the spindle. I had both on hand already. Just...
  3. PeteStaehling

    Harbor Freight Dowel Jig

    This looks like a great tool, but turned out to be a total flop for me. The materials and basic design look great. The problem is that the leading shafts that keep the pressing blocks aligned are way too loose of a fit. The pressing blocks align just fine along the long axis because they...
  4. PeteStaehling

    1" belt sander griner

    My HF belt grinder has given up the ghost after years of service, so I am in the market for a replacement. It actually served me pretty well despite being very poorly made, but the tracking mechanism was kind of a mess and the drive wheel was very out of round and had a bad wobble. Way back...
  5. PeteStaehling

    More Grizzly 10010anv stuff

    I received my new 10010ANV, a grading stone, and a #1 accessory kit few days ago and I have a few observations and questions. It seems like a nice solid well made piece of equipment, but with a few shortcomings. The water tray seems poorly designed. They could have done a better job of...
  6. PeteStaehling

    Harbor Freight Brad Nailer and Brads

    I just wanted to weigh in on the HF brad nailer and brads. The HF brads are terrible and the gun jams every 3-10 brads when using them. This seemed to be true for all the various lengths of brads. After switching to Hitachi brads the gun has been perfect, not a single jam. So, buy the gun...
  7. PeteStaehling

    Grizzly T10010ANV and accessories

    I am considering buying the 10" Grizzly wet grinder (Model: T10010ANV). I figured I'd ask for a reality check on what to buy accessory wise (or whether to buy the T10010 at all). I would use it for all the various wood shop and home sharpening tasks other than turning tools. I am not...
  8. PeteStaehling

    Shop Fox Scroll Saw Upgrade

    I have an active shop and work in it every day, but only recently have gotten interested in scroll sawing. To that end I bought a Shop Fox 1713-16 scroll saw. When I found that I didn't like the blade changing on the Shop Fox, I ordered the Pozsgai Designs EZ Set Blade Holder System for my...
  9. PeteStaehling

    Advertised kerf size accurate?

    I am thinking about making a box joint sled for tiny boxes that used the 16 tpi pitch of 3/8" all thread rod to get accurate spacing on the cuts by counting turns. I think this should work fine if the blade makes an accurate 1/8 cut. I could use a new blade any way so I am wondering if I can...
  10. PeteStaehling

    Hello From Tallahassee

    Hi, I am in Tallahassee, where I moved from Maryland when I retired. I build quite a few mountain dulcimers ( Most of them are travel sized for taking along, especially for bicycle touring and backpacking. I also work on other wood and/or metal...

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