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    Help finding a interior passage door raised panel bit

    I just had three solid wood six panel doors installed in my hallway to replace hollow doors. I have a small (20 1/2" by 50" hollow door) door that is for a small linen closet that is above the 25" by 20" return for my heat pump. This is typical setup for houses build in the 80's. I would like...
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    Need Help on ideas for front porch repair

    Carpenter Ant damage.. Around 2008 we had a front porch with a roof built to replace the deck on the front of the house. The PVC handrails were white and roof support columns were painted white to match. The band around the outsude of the porch was treated 2X10 and I put cedar 1X7 boards on...
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    Overlay Drawer Alignment Problem..Please Help

    I am having trouble getting my overlay drawer box to alien correct to the face frame. I have a box I built with dovetails. Everything is sq. regardless of how I check it. Corner to corner with tape rule. Two foot sq and 12" combination. Cabinet is sq checked by same method. I am using...
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    Need help Patching a hole

    This is not a wood working question, but this problem is keeping me from finishing up my bathroom cabs. I have a small leak around the pvc pipe from my house to septic tank. I have dug it out and located where the water is coming into the basement. My question is what do I use to fill the...
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    Pocket Hole Drilling Question

    On my last project I started to get ragged edges around the hole. I tried different ways to drill the hole. Fast and pushing hard and drilling slow all gave the same poor results. I was using a Dewalt battery drill and thought rpm's could be the problem. Also I went and bought a new bit and...

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