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    Bog wood

    The conditions for bog oak do exist in the piedmont, somewhat. We pulled some white oak beams out of the bottom of my great uncle's pond where they had been soaking in the muddy, stagnant water for more than fifty years. They were black from the iron and tannin reaction and the hewn surface was...
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    Eastern White Pine (EWP)

    EWP typically grows that way, with branches in whorls around the trunk with clear lengths between the branch clusters. I heard the location of the branch groups represent one year's vertical growth. A Lowes employee told me their pine was Western Sugar Pine.
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    I had a largish sourwood get uprooted and I made turned parts for three rocking chairs from it. Before that I had only turned carving mallets and mauls for my froe from sourwood so this was a chance to try something different. I cut it in the winter and rived it into oversize blanks the same...

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