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  1. Herdfan2005

    Shop Layout Help

    PM Sent
  2. Herdfan2005

    Shop Layout Help

    Red door is side door into garage from driveway, our main door in and out, garage door is running the 14ft length near the side door. Door into house is top left, in the buffer zone out of play. Both House panel and shop sub panel are next to side entry door, where the upper cabinet is missing...
  3. Herdfan2005

    Shop Layout Help

    Something I did not even consider. A a little close at 97.75 to my shelving on that side
  4. Herdfan2005

    Shop Layout Help

    Thanks, I currently have my table saw set up just as you recommended and the miter station in similar spot as in the layout. I make a lot of miter cuts so I was hoping by having the assemble table right behind me it would be more efficient. The new layout also appears to allow me to have...
  5. Herdfan2005

    Shop Layout Help

    Hi all, planning on major shop layout redesign and wanted to get the community input. Standard 2 car garage but I only really get one side. The red box is a door, the blue/purple is my Shapeoko CNC and the gray would be table saw and assembly. I have CFlux2 on the way and will run...
  6. Herdfan2005

    COVID 19

    I wish you all a speedy recovery. Chris Christie felt the same way too, until he spent 7 days in the ICU...
  7. Herdfan2005

    Performax 16-32 Plus Drum Sander - $500 (Kernersville, NC)

    Looks like it comes with castors and extension tables, those are not cheap
  8. Herdfan2005

    Klingspor' 5"Disc Sandpaper

    Hi Mike, Without a doubt I'm sure I bought the wrong ones. PS33 180B K/O Disc 5" X5HL 50 PK VD60045 Thanks, --Jason
  9. Herdfan2005

    Klingspor' 5"Disc Sandpaper

    I've got the ROS VS20, it does have 8 holes, but then I have another piece in between the ROS and the discs and it is a 5 hole. The Klingspors' disc does not align with either the sander or the aux. pad. The diablo 5 hole discs I have been using DOES align with both ROS and aux pad so I guess I...
  10. Herdfan2005

    Klingspor' 5"Disc Sandpaper

    Visited Klingspors to pick up my new drum sander and some ROS paper. I bought the PS33 K/O Disc 5" and so far I like it alot. My only problem is the holes are no where close to matching my Bosch Sander for dust collection. Anyone know a different sanding pad I can switch to so things match up?
  11. Herdfan2005

    #1 Grade 2x4?

    Does such a thing exist. I've been building a lot of Farmhouse stylish dimensional lumber pieces for some locals. It is always hit or miss what the big box stores carry for 2x4's. Home Depot here in Knightdale appears to have 2 suppliers. The stuff I do not like is on the bottom rack but the...
  12. Herdfan2005

    Bosch orbital sander repair

    I recently thought my Bosch ROS was on its way out. It would take forever to try to come up to speed. I too decided to investigate and found a loose screw like the one pictured.. A couple turns and I was back in business.(I'm guessing it was the problem) ON a hunch, I check my old Ryobi who was...
  13. Herdfan2005

    2 flip-top carts

    Nice, I just watched another maker build these. I'm getting to the point where I might need one, which is a good and bad. Good because I have more tools, bad because I'm running out of room.
  14. Herdfan2005

    Klingspor's having a virtual Woodworking Extravaganza!!!

    $2000 to go with the $1000 I just won? Yes Please!
  15. Herdfan2005

    Introduction - Lincolnton NC

    Welcome. Another Cyber Security reject here which is what I do to pass the time in between shop sessions. I too just got a CNC and once again, feel "uncomfortable" but excited.
  16. Herdfan2005

    planner sled

    I just recently a made small one to help with my undersized jointer, I used melamine shelving. 6in jointer and 8" boards...
  17. Herdfan2005

    Klingspor's / Woodcraft Question

    Thanks all. That what I needed to know.
  18. Herdfan2005

    Drum sander recommendations

    Thanks! You don't even know how much time this is going to save me on all the tops / glue ups I've been doing lately!
  19. Herdfan2005

    Klingspor's / Woodcraft Question

    I feel silly asking but 'd like to know without bothering them. For the large equipment they have in the store, can that be purchased and taken home or do they order it from manufacture and ship it to you?
  20. Herdfan2005

    Drum sander recommendations

    This is the exact setup I am looking at pulling the trigger on although a little Laguna birdie told me they will be on sale in October...

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