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    Another chess table

    These are fantastic! The table is beautiful as well. Those ceramic chess pieces are awesome. Did she hand (carve...mold?) them?
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    SS TS

    Not mine.
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    How do you guys finish live edge slabs?

    Wow turned out great! Klingspor was closed when I went. I ended up getting watco wipe on poly satin. We shall see how it turns out!
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    How do you guys finish live edge slabs?

    What’s was the time between coats and full dry time? Sounds interesting. Do you have any pictures?
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    How do you guys finish live edge slabs?

    I’m making a laptop desk from the crotch of a walnut slab and wondering how you finish your slabs.
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    Planer sled question

    Okay thanks y’all!
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    Planer sled question

    I made an 8ft planer sled using 3/4” birch ply. It’s bottom and top are 100% flat surfaces that are the reference surfaces. Due to its size, I believe, and weight it sags in the middle a bit. My question is if the sag in the middle will effect the end result of trying to flatten a board?
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    3 HP TS with Incra fence with two router lifts

    Oh yeah. I found one price I think it was the correct product but new it was like 700-900 and that didn’t include the extension tables and router lifts
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    3 HP TS with Incra fence with two router lifts $250 Not mine.
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    Harvey Bandsaw

    Do they only come in 3HP models
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    Murdock lumber is selling almost all lumber

    Thanks for this announcement, @FredP . Just got home with a nice load of a variety of hardwoods. Jack was a great person to deal with. Will be going back for all my hardwood needs.
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    Nova DVR XP Lathe for sale

    I think his name is Rick, not Chuck. Woodworking jokes lol
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    Anyone want to use my lathe?

    I’d like to be able to use it, @RobS. I am in Fl helping with covid right now but will be back the third week in august if that is okay? :)
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    More Free Magazines

    I would love them! I’ll be home in a few days
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    Entry Level Wood Lathe

    Okay! Thank you!
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    Entry Level Wood Lathe

    I would very much appreciate the Dunlap lathe if you have no use for it! I have been wanting to start turning for a while, and I accumulated a lot of other big tools a bit too fast :D

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