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  1. Herdfan2005

    Shop Layout Help

    Hi all, planning on major shop layout redesign and wanted to get the community input. Standard 2 car garage but I only really get one side. The red box is a door, the blue/purple is my Shapeoko CNC and the gray would be table saw and assembly. I have CFlux2 on the way and will run...
  2. Herdfan2005

    Klingspor' 5"Disc Sandpaper

    Visited Klingspors to pick up my new drum sander and some ROS paper. I bought the PS33 K/O Disc 5" and so far I like it alot. My only problem is the holes are no where close to matching my Bosch Sander for dust collection. Anyone know a different sanding pad I can switch to so things match up?
  3. Herdfan2005

    #1 Grade 2x4?

    Does such a thing exist. I've been building a lot of Farmhouse stylish dimensional lumber pieces for some locals. It is always hit or miss what the big box stores carry for 2x4's. Home Depot here in Knightdale appears to have 2 suppliers. The stuff I do not like is on the bottom rack but the...
  4. Herdfan2005

    Klingspor's / Woodcraft Question

    I feel silly asking but 'd like to know without bothering them. For the large equipment they have in the store, can that be purchased and taken home or do they order it from manufacture and ship it to you?
  5. Herdfan2005

    First Drum Sander Thoughts

    Looking at the Jet 1632. Any thoughts? I build a lot of rustic farmhouse (think 2x4 and 2x2 lumber) and looking to reduce the amount of sanding I'm doing big time. Always heard Supermax was the way to go but every time I look, I see them not getting great reviews.
  6. Herdfan2005

    Hand Plane / Sharpening Class

    I have one of my late grandpa's hand plane that I want to restore. It's an old Sears so I'm sure it is nothing fancy. It does say made in the USA though which is cool. The two biggest areas I need help are flattening the sole and blade sharpening. The rest is cosmetic. I've never sharpened any...
  7. Herdfan2005

    Just learned a simple lesson

    I have spent a lot of time trying to tune my Dewalt DW715 miter saw up, making sure it is squared up to the best of my abilities. However, for the life of me I could not figure out why it always seemed to cut at a slight angle to my cut line. The it hit me! I have been using a cheap carpenters...
  8. Herdfan2005

    Grizzly G0803 9" Benchtop Bandsaw

    HI all. Anyone have hands on experience with this? Grizzly has it on sale right now for $179.99. I currently do not have a bandsaw and have a smaller shop space. Looking to do basic curves. Not planning any resawing.
  9. Herdfan2005

    First Cutting Board

    Stopped by Klingspor's yesterday morning to check it out and was excited to see they had stock to make cutting boards for people like me without all the tools yet. Glued up my first cutting board. Came out OK. Made some mistakes and actually learned a lot just from this little project. Maple...
  10. Herdfan2005

    Looking for first bandsaw

    Hi all, I'm looking for my first bandsaw. Not looking for complete entry level but nothing fancy either. I'd like something I'm not going to want to upgrade in a year from now. Any suggestions? I'm in the Raleigh area. Currently I have a Grizzly TS and Grizzly DC and been happy with both.
  11. Herdfan2005

    New Resident and Member in KNightdale

    Hi all, I recently relocated my family from Massachusetts to Knightdale for a new job opportunity. I left behind my 16x24 detached dedicated and heated shop to move into half 2 car garage. So far I am am really enjoying NC, specially since temps are already reaching single digits back in New...
  12. Herdfan2005

    New Garage Shop in Knightdale

    Hi all, I recently moved to NC from Massachusetts (Yes I am part of the problem) where I had a dedicated 16x24 detached shop. Now I have half a 2 car garage. Any fellow woodworkers in my area that might be able to meet and come up with some layout ideas. I have a DC and TS at this point but...

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