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  1. Carl Fisher

    Anyone know where to get bamboo?

    I'm looking for 1/4" or 3/8" bamboo for some relatively small box projects. I can't seem to find anywhere affordable for what is supposed to be a "fast growing, cheap and renewable" source of material. I considered using bamboo flooring, but even that has moved to engineered with MDF or HDF...
  2. Carl Fisher

    First try at laser inlay marquetry work

    Just playing around with some scrap. Laser engraved a scrap piece of pine to create the pocket using a raster cut. Then did a vector cut on the veneer for the inlay. It was a pretty good fit with no adjustments for laser kerf so I'm pretty close on the settings I think. If anything I can ease...
  3. Carl Fisher

    Looking for someone to help me design and install my dust collection - happy to pay

    I'm getting tired of worrying about my health breathing in all the junk in the shop and ending up with everything in the shop covered in dust and debris. I have a few pieces ready to go, but when I start to try to wrap my head around the various fittings, routing, etc... I just get lost and...
  4. Carl Fisher

    Looking for Charlotte regional Makers

    I'm trying to start up a new Makers group in the Charlotte area. Right now it's just a Facebook group but would love to see it grow into something more. The maker movement includes all aspects of creativity and I know many woodworkers also have interests in other areas. Wood working, metal...
  5. Carl Fisher

    Some playing around with the new laser

    Just some random testing of the new laser.
  6. Carl Fisher

    Puled the trigger on a Laser finally

    After beating around the bush for the last year or so I finally pulled the trigger on a laser to compliment my CNC. Picked up one of the inexpensive Chinese K40 40W CO2 lasers from ebay and then ordered a bunch of upgrade components to get it started. Air assist head Upgraded 18mm focus lens...
  7. Carl Fisher

    Local business closing up shop in Fort Mill

    I ran across a local business with a wood shop that was closing up shop in Fort Mill SC. Stopped in to take a look and some of what I saw included a 5 hp ShopFox cabinet saw, ShopFox lathe, nice router setup with a big PC router, Incra fence and power feed, edge sander, spindle sander, large...
  8. Carl Fisher

    Yup, I still turn wood once in a while :)

    It's been a long time as I've been primarily turning resin for the custom pen world, but I finally had some inspiration to get back to wood. Black cherry burl and purple heart slugged with ebonite for threading and stability.
  9. Carl Fisher

    Recommend me some table saw blades that won't break the bank

    Forest blades are out of the budget, so let's get that out of the way now :) I'm looking to put a good selection of blades in the shop. Here are the typical uses I need in priority order. 1. 1/8" - 1/4" thin stock wood and plastics with as clean of a cut as possible 2. 4/4 hard woods all...
  10. Carl Fisher

    Anyone in South Charlotte area with a drum sander I can borrow some time on?

    I have an end grain cutting board that I need to run through a dozen passes or so to flush up an epoxy inlay. I'm not getting the results I want with a belt sander and I need to get down a bit deeper and more even. Looking to beg/borrow/rent some time on a good drum sander from someone in the...
  11. Carl Fisher

    Any preference on a 4" x 36" belt/disc sander or are they all pretty much equal?

    I have had an old Delta 4" x 36" for the better part of 13+ years now and it's served me very well. However it's time has come. Looking in the sub $200 range, do you think any one sander is better than the next at that price point or are there some diamonds in the rough? The little Rikon is at...
  12. Carl Fisher

    More beer tap handles

    I had to finish up a display for our booth at Festival in the Park this weekend. Borrowed the Pirates tap handle back from my friend that I made it for and added a few other samples. The one with the recess will just be a fill in the blank for whatever medallion the customer may want to use...
  13. Carl Fisher

    ECU Pirates kegerator tap handle

    A friend of mine is a huge ECU Pirate fan and needed something other than the little plastic handle on his kegerator.
  14. Carl Fisher

    Questions on colored epoxy inlay for cutting board

    I have a cutting board that I cnc'd a logo into. The owner wants it filled with solid black epoxy which itself isn't an issue. What I'm concerned with is how to prevent bleed into the grain. Do I go ahead and shellac or lacquer the entire board first and then pour the inlay? I'm planning to...
  15. Carl Fisher

    Pittsboro to Charlotte

    i may be in need of a pony express from Pittsboro to Charlotte if anyone is available. Trying to work out a deal on a 16-32 drum sander and it would include a stand, so will need to have enough room. Thanks!
  16. Carl Fisher

    Just a simple segmented pen

    It's been a while since I've done any segmenting and probably even longer since I've done anything wood. I've been doing full custom "kitless" pens with vintage materials for so long it was nice to just slow down and put together a simple kit pen again for a break. This is blue and white...
  17. Carl Fisher

    Any overall opinions good or bad for the Grizzly 12" drum sander?

    I'm in the market for a small footprint drum sander and keep coming back to the Grizzly mainly due to price. The Jet is just too far out of my budget so I've been looking at the 10" or 12" Grizzly models. I'm trying to decide if they will fit my needs for half the price or if they are junk...
  18. Carl Fisher

    Not wood, but still turning

    I had a customer contact me looking for a pen modeled after the 1920's Parker Sr. Duofold "Big Red" but BIGGER. He has arthritis and wanted it fatter to make it easier to grip. So I took on the challenge. Although I did have to turn to the metal lathe to get my trim bands done properly and...
  19. Carl Fisher

    Upgraded the CNC :)

    The stock size was 500mm x 500mm with a cutting envelope of roughly 300mm x 300mm. The stock machine is sitting inside the new 1M x 1M framework to compare the size. I moved over all of the mechanical components today and the new cutting envelope should be right around 800mm x 800mm which...
  20. Carl Fisher

    A simple CAD/CAM walk through using free tools

    Inkscape is a great place to start for a new CNC user. It's a vector image editor similar to Adobe Illustrator but with the added benefit of being free. Combine that with one of the online CAM applications (MakerCAM or JSCut) and you can do most standard operations such as pocket, profile...

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