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  1. J

    And more floating shelves

    Willem, very nice work, thanks for sharing, everything. Chris, you ruined a very nice post about some very nice woodworking, on a woodworking forum. Thanks for that.
  2. J

    Kitchen Island: Completed!

    I am envious of your skill and your shop. Nice job!
  3. J

    Is this quarter sawn?

    Yes, it is the middle of the log, the really black part is epoxy resin tinted black. And the end grain is vertical.
  4. J

    Is this quarter sawn?

    Is this figuring in the wood from being quarter sawn or just mother nature showing off? It almost has a hologram effect, as you walk around it the figuring changes colors or completely goes away depending on the light hitting it.
  5. J

    Delta 10" contractors saw, motor brushes?

    Thanks for the info. I will do an autopsy on it this evening and see what I've got.
  6. J

    Latest frame 18x24

    Very nice job!
  7. J

    Delta 10" contractors saw, motor brushes?

    I have had this saw for many years and I've gotten my moneys worth out of it, it's a model 36-540 type 2. Today I was using it and when I turned it back on the motor seemed to be running faster than normal. I made a cut, turned it off and back on and it was the same. When I made another cut...
  8. J

    One thing leads to another (Final pictures)...

    To say you are a craftsman and an artist is a major understatement.
  9. J

    A One Week Project

    Very nice! You do good work.
  10. J

    What is this?

    Nailed it the first try.
  11. J

    Long Term Update On College

    Having graduated with a BS in mechanical engineering at 49, I highly commend you for going to school and doing so well at it. You do nice work, you learned well.
  12. J

    Interest in standing or fresh sawn oak lumber?

    I'm about an hour south of Asheville. I have 5 acres of pine pulp that is still on the stump, but it's not ground up yet. But thanks for your input, it was most helpful.
  13. J

    I finally built something

    Thanks for the compliment guys. The wife has a lot of metal things on the walls, that is why I went with metal legs.
  14. J

    Interest in standing or fresh sawn oak lumber?

    I have some fairly large oak timber on my property and a lot of it is in the way of where I want to put my shop. Others are just too close to the house and need to come down. I have talked to a few loggers but I don't have the quantity they need to bring in their equipment and I really don't...
  15. J

    I finally built something

    I have been slowly acquiring some tools and equipment over the years but hadn't really gotten to use them. Last year I spend all summer redoing our house with new hardwood flooring and kitchen plus a fairly major redo of the master bath. Every since then the cheap coffee table and and end...
  16. J

    Filling large knot holes and voids

    Thanks for the quick reply guys. I just put down hickory flooring throughout the house and I think a dark color filler would look good for a contrast against the oak.
  17. J

    Filling large knot holes and voids

    Hello all, first real question post here. I'm about to start working on a coffee and end tables project from white oak that is still rough cut right now. There are some knot holes and voids and such in it that will need filling. I'm thinking of using bondo if I can find a dark/black color...
  18. J

    New guy from WNC

    Thanks for the welcome everyone. I will post the pictures of the '66 rebuild when I can get all my pictures in one place.
  19. J

    New guy from WNC

    Hello all. I found this site while doing some research on rebuilding a Powermatic 66 table saw. I'm just a hobby woodworker but it's something I enjoy. I'm looking forward to learning more here.

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