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    Opinion Request on planner

    About 7 years ago I bought a 735, and immediately installed a Shelix helical head that I purchased from Holbren. I followed detailed instructions that I found online. It was a day-long job, but I went very slowly and carefully. I was even able to sell the old head on ebay. I use it once in a...
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    Mini-split installation

    I had a 24K BTU Fujitsu mini-split installed in my workshop seven years ago. I have not had a single issue with it. It heats & cools my shop in a hurry. I saved a little money by running the electric line myself. Also, the wife & I made sure the walls & ceiling were as well insulated as we could...
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    SawStop: Thank You!

    I am very thankful that you and your thumb are OK. When I was buying a new table saw, my wife was a strong supporter of getting a Sawstop, especially since I would be working alone in the shop most of the time. We figured it to be cheap insurance.
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    Adirondack Chairs

    I agree about the table.
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    New shop suggestions

    When I wired my shop a few years ago, the code said that any wiring above 8' didn't have to be in conduit. So, if that's still true, and if your ceiling is higher than 8', I'd highly recommend that. I ran pvc conduit from each surface mounted 110 or 220 outlet box up the wall to 8' level, where...
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    Sharpening a File With Vinegar - Cuts Like A New Black Diamond!

    I think that vinegar will eat away any rust, too. You can't beat sharp and no-rust at the same time.

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