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  1. striker

    Dust Collection Cyclone & Parts. SOLD

    Penn State 2 1/2 hp cyclone Dust Collector with . sale includes stand for cyclone, exhaust air cleaner, fiber drum, boxes of 4".5",6" flex hose, gates, and 6" pipe fittings. Essentially everything for a garage woodshop system. 220v, 1 phase.
  2. striker

    Shop safety equipment

    I recently had an eye opening experience that has prompted this post. I'll go more into that experience in a moment. I've gone many years with the standard box of out of date medical supplies (and duct tape) in the shop but I want to upgrade to proper equipment. I live alone and plan to do...
  3. striker

    Standard vs High Angle

    Looking for opinions. I have a fair arsenal of larger high angle planes and I'm thinking of adding either a # 4 or 3 plane. I'm wondering what makes more sense.. . continue with high angle (50 degree) or go with a standard angle just to diversify. I primarily do furniture work and have a soft...
  4. striker

    Radio show and tell

    Well we all like pictures. I thought I'd toss in a photo of a small project I just finished for a friend. The radio originally had a plastic bezel which was broken - So I was asked-to replace it with tiger maple bezel. I thought I'd add a photo of a tool I use frequently but have never seen...
  5. striker

    Setting up DC

    I'm in the process of setting my shop up...again. My shop space is a two car garage with an attached 10x16 shed space. I'm fixing to place my 2.5 hp Penn State industries cyclone in the shed space although I'm concerned with the noise generated annoying the Neibs. Just wondering if there are...
  6. striker

    Bb-55- not your everyday project

    BB55 is the Battleship North Carolina. I was asked to help rebuild the helm wheel as it fell in disrepair from years of grade schoolers spinning the wheel from lock to lock. I gotto admit it was fun and exciting to get involved in it. The wheel itself is 24 inches in diameter and made of...
  7. striker

    New Old Member

    Well I've been away for awhile but some of the old timers here may remember me. I was a passionate woodworker when my life took an unexpected turn in 2011 when I lost my wife to CA. After that I couldn't care less if I ever picked up a chisel again. Well some years later now, I've moved...
  8. striker

    Door jamb help

    Hi Folks, I haven't been on here in a couple of years ...since my wife got sick. Its good to see the site still thriving. Anyway, I'm looking for a little help today. I recently got my house under contract and packed my shop in storage. Now Ironically, one of the items the home inspector...
  9. striker

    Cutting Board Finish?

    I know this has only been asked a few hundred times here but I can't remember what your supposed to use for cutting board finish. Heck, I've even made and finished a few boards in the past. I know we have a few pros in the ranks so I though I'd throw the question out one more time. My BIL...
  10. striker

    your support requested

    Friends, A cursed friend has visited my wife for the second time in her life….breast CA. I’m not a particularly spiritual person but I find myself asking our creator to lay a healing hand on her today. I ask you to join in this request in whatever your chosen manner. My shop has grown quiet...
  11. striker

    LN -Fine Tool Journal

    If anyone had a hankerin for any LN stuff, Clarence / Fine Tool Journal is offering 5 or 10% off of his remaining inventory plus free shipping. He doesn't carry the whole line of LN so choices are somewhat limited. Its not often you see LN at a...
  12. striker

    best wax to use

    A workmate of mine tinkers with old tube radios. Yesterday he asked what the best wax to use on the cabinets. At that point, I realized I don't know jack about waxes. I have several brands on the shelf I bought mostly because the can looked cool or it said it was the best but other than using...
  13. striker

    Auction - Sneads Ferry

    Guys, If your within striking distance I'd think about this auction on Saturday. I'm tied up changing my address this weekend or I'd be there. Looks like a a ton of stuff I would not mind having. Stephen
  14. striker

    Winchester Chest Complete

    I’m sure some of you recognize the chest from the Klingspor Show or from Dave O’s post concerning the same. Initially, I considered doing WIP photos & descriptions but those thoughts were short lived as it proved to be quite a task to just “git er done” much less document it. For those...
  15. striker

    Tool Cabinet

    After having my tools stuffed in every drawer, cranny or sitting on a shelf for years I felt it was high time to build them a home. The cabinet is Cherry with a shellac over BLO finish. Design is my own with a few borrowed ideas from the FWW archives. Still somewhat of work in progress as the...
  16. striker

    Cape Fear Wooden Boat Show

    For anyone looking for a destination this Saturday, the CFCC is having their annual Wooden Boat Festival. The College has a number of boats on display –in water and on-land. The boat building department of the college is open to the public as well.
  17. striker

    Which Moisture Meter To Buy?

    My "yardsale special" moisture meter bit the dust. It seams to me I've read a few posts pro and con about meters. I don't have any first hand experience with whats available nowadays so I was going to call upon you good folks to recommend. I usually buy KD material so meter use is not an...
  18. striker

    Klingspor Show

    This show was the first time I have considered showing my work. You can only imagine my surprise and excitement to find the best in show (intermediate) plaque with my name filled in. My better half convinced me to enter several pcs. Four I had done over the past few years and one, demilune table...
  19. striker

    Building Code Help

    I hired what I thought to be a reputable contractor to build a deck at our beach place. Long story short, it turns out I could do better work with an axe. After realizing my mistake I gave him his walking papers today which he promptly did with my building materials. So thats a criminal matter...
  20. striker

    Dover Inlay Co. closing

    Don’t know if you folks ever used them but today is Dover Inlay’s last day of business. I found that out is morning when I inquired about my order. I hate to hear a company like that not being able to make it. I’m sure they employed some very talented people whose knowledge probably won’t be...

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