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    Dust collection in a small shop

    Thank you Jeremy for posting the information and to all that commented. I’ll take all the advice into consideration for my set up. I’m looking into the solution and hopefully it’ll work out.
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    Dust collection in a small shop

    Thank you for all your feedback. The tools I plan to use are miter saw, table saw, Dewalt 735 planer, jointer, and bench top bandsaw. I’ve acquired all of these but the last 3 are still in the box. I’ll take your advice NotW and envision my layout. I’ve given thought to the HF set up but I’m...
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    Dust collection in a small shop

    I’ve been in the market for a cyclone dust collector for a long time. I’ve done a few small projects for my home and I’m looking to do more projects now that I have a few more woodworking tools. I did a small closet remodel last year in my son’s room and a closet remodel in our master bedroom...
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    SawStop 1.75 HP Professional - $1,000 (Raleigh)

    How does one go about contacting the seller?
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    SawStop 1.75 HP Professional - $1,000 (Raleigh)

    Congrats Joe! The Sawstop was definitely a deal but just curious, what were some of the other deals?
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    Advise for beginners

    While I’m not a beginner, I appreciate all that have shared their knowledge. This is one of the reasons for joining. I do need to add more quality hand tools to my arsenal.

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