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    SealCoat has vanished

    Second a leaking can, but Woodcraft replaced it at no cost.
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    SealCoat has vanished

    Would it be possible for a Zoom type demo?
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    Aged Oak "basket bowl"

    Nice work KK
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    Hello from Raleigh

    Welcome from the republic, and Triangle Woodworkers Association meet pre-covid at Klingspor monthly. Might pick up something online. I watched last month from TX.
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    Crochet Hook & Tiny Vessel

    Very nicely done sir, Is HOW still meeting?
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    Crochet Hook & Tiny Vessel

    MM-Y does the lid appear different? You may have started something with your efforts-but it is going to be hard to top MD's 5/16 effort. Kept up the great work-both of you!
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    Deck advice

    I have seen the boards flipped over, but with your removal issues, maybe getting an aging chemical might help even out the appearance after PW.
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    Disappointed with my sharpening service how to handle?

    Another vote for Dynamic in Buffalo
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    Something Different

    I like your concept and execution Charlie Still working up the courage to try one from scratch.
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    Raleigh to Plano

    Back when NOLA had that surge, I believe, is when the gov had troopers at the boarder. lol
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    Raleigh to Plano

    Not really expecting it to happen, but haven't heard anything about forbidding folks entering from LA. lately
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    Raleigh to Plano

    Small package to Plano, Texas, home of Toyota NA, Frito-Lay, and JC Penney's but better hurry to see the last one. No rush, Ed
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    Oversized TV Tray made from walnut with inlays.

    Wow Matt, That is some piece of work. I really like the combo too.
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    Progress on rocking chair

    Hope the hospital stay goes as intended, vaya con Dios. Great looking repair too. Ed
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    Rate your wood preference

    FOG mesquite cherry maple spalted cedar elm PS-I'm a turner, can you tell y I like "found on ground"
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    New 'round here

    What a valuable resource you have jumped on. Welcome T, and hope to see you progress into retirement,as it's not half bad.
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    The death of my first friend, my dad

    My condolences to you
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    Recent small project - art frames

    Cherry with no burn marks=very nice outcome
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    Shaker Inspired Clock

    I like it! where did you get the personalize clock face? From your printer?
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    HVLP Recommendations

    Likewise of the opinion that HVLP is not the ideal delivery system. I have a Lemmer HVLP that I enjoy, but used a an airless for house painting.

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