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    Drill Press Table Lift

    (I changed text size per request) There was a thread last March asking for help in raising a drill press table with lots of good suggestions. I replied with my potential solution using a linear actuator that I had acquired. I said when I got it done I would post the results. The idea for...
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    Another particle - dust collection system completed- link added

    Upload to Tutorial is in review state, I am new and did not realize the procedure. Here is link to Dropbox : To download from dropbox just click on "Download Button" in upper right of screen or just wait and it...
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    Greetings from Lena Il

    Hi As you may have noticed I am a bit far away about 3 mioutside Lena, IL.I am about 25 mi fromthe Mississippi River and 6 mi south of the WI state line.I appreciate the moderators letting me join. I spent my entire career, 34 years, workingfor Bell Laboratories in IL. I startedinto woodworking...

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