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  1. Joe Bradshaw

    Bowl Turning-----HELP

    David, I live in Cary and would be happy for you to visit my shop. we could practice sharpening and also turn a few pieces. My email is Joe
  2. Joe Bradshaw

    burning groove inside a bowl

    I use formica to burn grooves. The speed needs to be kept at a higher rpm. You want to generate a lot of friction and heat.
  3. Joe Bradshaw

    Powermatic 3520B...Dream Machine or Hype

    I'm getting into this discussion a little late. I don't own a Powermatic, but have turned on one in 5 classes at John Campbell Folk School. They are great lathes, but, I think that the Jet 2hp 1642 is the best bang for the buck. I have a Oneway 2436 and 2 Oneway 1224's. I also have the...
  4. Joe Bradshaw

    Hurricane chuck?

    I decided to give the Hurricane chucks a try last March. I found that they worked well. They weighed more than the Talons I was used to. I eventually decided to sell them and buy another Talon. I still have 2 of the HTC 100's. I went back to the Talon as I had grown used to them and my jigs...
  5. Joe Bradshaw

    pvc or acrylics

    Thanks guys. The information helped a lot
  6. Joe Bradshaw

    pvc or acrylics

    I seem to remember someone posting the website of a store in Durham that recycles and sells acrylics and pvc products. Can someone help me out. Getting old sucks. Thanks Joe
  7. Joe Bradshaw

    Pony Express sought Raleigh area to NC Woodturning Symposium in Greensboro.

    Scott, I will be attending the symposium. I live in western Cary near the Chatham county line. Give me a call(919-801-9095) or email me to arrange a pickup. I still have the red oak log if you are interested. Joe
  8. Joe Bradshaw

    Any Oneway lathe owners here?

    I have both the Oneway 1224 and the 2436. Great lathes. I have the short extension for the 2436. Both of them are built like a tank. I would go for the 2436, the outboard capacity is tremendous(44" if I remember correctly). If you ever get up to the Cary area, you are welcome to stop by and...
  9. Joe Bradshaw

    Moving grinder.

    Need to get a grinder from western Cary Waxhaw. diverjo
  10. Joe Bradshaw

    New turner needs to sharpen his turning tools

    I have a Woodcraft grinder that I will give you. It is an extra one that I have.
  11. Joe Bradshaw

    Rough Turning Bowls

    Mike the rule of thumb in roughturning bowls is to make the thickness 10% of the dia. Leave the tenon on and round over the sharp edges. I store mine in a cardboard box. I date them and weigh occasionally. Sometimes the end grain should be sealed. When the blank stops losing weight it is...
  12. Joe Bradshaw

    It's Here! Caution - New Lathe Gloat

    Tim, I hope that you enjoy your 2436 as much as I have enjoyed mine. I wish that I had gotten the wheel set with mine. I have moved mine twice by myself(moved into a new shop). Enjoy.
  13. magnola  box

    magnola box

    box made of magnola, paduk AB
  14. Joe Bradshaw

    Help me choose my first bandsaw

    Jeff, if you are into used, I have a Delta 14" that I will let go for $350. It has the Carter blade tensioning setup on it. Shoot me a PM. Joe
  15. Joe Bradshaw

    PM 3520B or something bigger?

    Tim, if you ever get over to Raleigh, give me a call and you can try out my Oneway 2436. It is a great lathe. It will probably last me out.
  16. Joe Bradshaw

    September 24 shop build *UPDATED WITH PICTURES*

    Re: September 24 shop build Phil, count me in. I assume that you will post your address? Joe
  17. Joe Bradshaw

    planning on building soon

    Richard, I built a new shop in 2009. It is 24 x 36 with 9 ft. ceilings. I also had a 4 ft. wide porch on the front. I used a garage builder from Raleigh to put the building up and I finished the interior myself. I used OSB for the walls and ceiling, makes it easy to attach things. I also...
  18. Joe Bradshaw

    Group Buy: Niles #301 Bottle Stoppers

    Put me down for 20. I can come by your house and drop off a check, or use snail mail. PM me as to which way would be best for you. Ruth is a delightful lady to talk to, and even nicer in person.
  19. Joe Bradshaw

    2011 Picnic Wood Run Part 1

    Scott, I would like 100 bf of 4/4 cypress. Thanks Joe
  20. Joe Bradshaw

    GWL - first bowl

    You should try a jam chuck to hold the bowl. Mount a piece of 3/4" plywood or mdf to your faceplate and cut a groove in it that you can push your bowl into. It should be a snug fit. You can re-enforce the hold with strapping tape. Take light cuts and you should be fine. FWIW curved side...

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