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  1. striker

    Dust Collection Cyclone & Parts. SOLD

    Castiger, RE: Dust collection. You can reach me directly at or 910 520 6691 Thanks Stephen
  2. striker

    Dust Collection Cyclone & Parts. SOLD

    Penn State 2 1/2 hp cyclone Dust Collector with . sale includes stand for cyclone, exhaust air cleaner, fiber drum, boxes of 4".5",6" flex hose, gates, and 6" pipe fittings. Essentially everything for a garage woodshop system. 220v, 1 phase.
  3. striker

    Raleigh area machine shop

    I'm curious as to how you arrived at the .012 out of flat ? Do you have a known flat you are able to put it on and use feeler gages to check the flatness? Just my opinion, but the 36 inch length requires a good size surface grinder to flatten. Something your average shop isn't going to have...
  4. striker

    Stubby Pocket Hole Twist Bit

    Admittedly, I haven't read the post through so I maybe missing the point but just as an FYI, short drills are known as screw machine length or s/m drill bits.
  5. striker

    Dang, y'all know how to make a guy feel special.

    Good to hear from you...
  6. striker

    Shop safety equipment

    Jeff, Sorry if I mislead in any way. Yes, if left to my own devices I'd end up with the plastic scissors bag but with all the leads you kind folks left me with, I'm sure I'll get something worthy of the task. Thanks
  7. striker

    Shop safety equipment

    Thank you everyone for your input. I think I got a little from every post. Aside from helping me and my cause I was hoping this was be a little enlightening to all of us who take this subject to lightly. I think a life alert may be in my future but for nowI plan to have my done nearby. Much...
  8. striker

    Shop safety equipment

    I recently had an eye opening experience that has prompted this post. I'll go more into that experience in a moment. I've gone many years with the standard box of out of date medical supplies (and duct tape) in the shop but I want to upgrade to proper equipment. I live alone and plan to do...
  9. striker

    New to the forum, here's one of my projects.

    Welcome, look forward to your input.
  10. striker

    Newbee to the forum

    Welcome Bill, look forward to your input. Actually, I'm looking to get back to it after a long hiatus.
  11. striker

    I need some aluminum machining help

    Just a stupid question mention magnetic inserts in the OP and we're talking about a aluminum plate ?? I assume there's more to it than I'm understanding.. FWIW- If your not familiar with doing this kind of work I'd suggest finding someone with a Bridgeport. With just your basic...
  12. striker

    Grizzly spiral cutter versus bryd Shelix cutter

    I have a byrd in a 12" jointer and Grizzly in 15" planer. they both leave a little scallop but compared to straight knife you'll wonder why it took so long to make the change. Between not messing with blades and no tear out, the spiral is a winner. just leave a little to scrape or hand plane...
  13. striker

    Amazing Deal on Grizzly Ts on CL

    Heck, I'm thinkin about buying it! thats a good deal (Not serious...good luck to those looking at it)
  14. striker

    Klingspor discout

    Can I sneak a quickie discount question in? Does the discount apply to floor machinery at Klingspor?
  15. striker

    Who is going to the picnic? How many people are you bringing?

    I'm thinking of doing a last minute dash to the Picnic. Coming off knee surgery and driving is a less than favorite thing to do. Anything I need to bring?
  16. striker

    scraper chatter

    Maybe switch to a card scraper where you attack the confused grain from all directions with better control and get the chatter out of it.
  17. striker

    Recommendations for Moving Heavy Bench

    Forgive me as I haven't read the post in its entirety and this may not be appropriate but a quick thought I'll throw out is to use a series of rollers (pipe) under the base of the bench to roll it in place.
  18. striker

    Completed Walnut Corner Cupboard

    very nice work. a word about the finish?

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