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    Kiln drying services

    I don't know what part of eastern NC you're in, but there's a sawyer a few miles east of Havelock on NC 101 that does travel to saw. I'm not sure if he has a kiln yet or not. I'll dig up his contact info if you're interested.
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    White Portland Cement

    I bought some a few years ago at Adams Products in Morrisville.
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    Epoxy source

    I’ve been happy with Raka epoxy, Raka, Inc. 772-489-4070, Epoxy-Fiberglass-Carbon-Kevlar.
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    New Shop (Renovating Old Basement Space)

    I used exposed EMT when I built my shop a couple years ago and glad I did because I've already had to reroute a couple things. I also wanted the industrial look because, after all, it is a work shop. The walls are a mix of t-111 and plywood strips so attaching the conduit was easy. Bending...
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    Where to find steel

    I bought some scrap steel from these guys,, off Cheek Rd in Durham. Also recommend Dillon Supply.
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    Need ideas for new shop floor, ceiling and walls.

    Hi Red, I'm in the process of building my shop now. It's over a crawl space. The sub-floor is Advantech and I'm just now laying the floor using 7/8" inch wide pine boards(not tongue in groove). I'm screwing the boards down and will peg the holes. I know it's a lot of work, but I'm sort of...

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