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  1. bobby g

    170" bandsaw blade needed

    We have a hot project going and we need to get our hands on a 170" bandsaw blade ASAP. I have 4, brand new - 168" blades available. :(. Get the picture? If you have a new 3/8" or 1/2" blade that you'd like to sell, please let me know. I'd be willing to drive an hour in any direction from...
  2. bobby g

    SOLD - Delta Platinum Edition 2-Speed Heavy Duty Wood Shaper

    3HP reversible motor. 7000 & 10,000 rpm. Like new condition; Used less than 10 hours!! I purchased this years ago and had big plans for it that never materialized. It has been stored in my climate controlled shop ever since. Includes the Delta Sliding Shaper Jig and mobile base. $1650.00...
  3. bobby g

    Laguna LT 18 Bandsaw for sale

    This Italian made saw is about 15 years old and has always been in my climate- controlled workshop. I am the original owner and when I brought it home, I raised it off the floor by 5.5 inches to make the table height 40 inches (see photos); this can be undone if desired. I purchased the mobility...
  4. bobby g

    Anyone have a mortising machine that I can rent/borrow?

    I need to rent/borrow a mortising machine to do 200 1/4" square holes in rocking chair parts for my Toys for Tots project. I have the bit. This weekend would be perfect. I live 7 miles east of Pittsboro. Thanks for considering.
  5. bobby g

    18mm MDF for $10

    I just read in a newsletter that Chatham Habitat for Humanity has 300 sheets of brand new 18mm x 61" x 97" mdf available for $10 a sheet. Great price! bobby g
  6. bobby g

    Want to rent job site table saw

    I need to install a large laminate floor and would like to rent a job site table saw for a week for $100 rather than buy one and resell it when I'm finished with it. I'll supply the blade. bobby g
  7. bobby g

    Wooden Chair Repair Needed

    A friend of a friend in the Asheville/Hendersonville area in NC needs to have a wooden chair repaired. Let me know if you can talk to her about this. I don't have anymore information. bobby g
  8. bobby g

    NCWW to take part in Agri-Civic Day

    Friends of the Agri-Civic Center in Albemarle, NC will again host "Agri-Civic Day" this year. The date is August 17, 2013 and NCWW has again been invited to participate. We have been told that we have become one of the "features" of this event. The visitors love to watch demos and we are...
  9. bobby g

    Woodworker's Journal for $7.99/year

    Today on special on Tanga is up to 2 years of Woodworker's Journal for $7.99 per year. Coupon code is woodproject. bobby g
  10. bobby g

    Architectural Digest Only $4.50 per year

    This is a great deal on Architectural Digest Only $4.50 per year bobby g
  11. bobby g

    Sucessful gathering of Toys for Tots

    Last night about 80 of us from Triangle Woodworkers Association gathered at Klingspor"s in Raleigh to turn in the wooden toys that we had made for the annual drive. The total exceeded 3200! We had plenty of good food and fellowship and were entertained by special guest Roy Underhill. Roy has...
  12. bobby g

    More toys for Toys for Tots

    Five of us got together at my shop last Saturday to produce some more wooden cars for the Toys for Tots program. The car is very simple and we were able to turn out 120 in about 3 hours. In case you can't tell, the car is fashioned after the Fiat 500. I've got a small neighborhood group coming...
  13. bobby g

    Toys for Tots project

    :eusa_danc We finished building 50 of these Tote Boxes recently. They are about 10" long X 6" wide X 6" high and are made from poplar except for the oak veneered plywood bottom. The decorative panels are pieces of bulletin board borders purchased from the school supply store and glued in place...
  14. bobby g

    Triangle Area Lunch Get Together?

    Hey Triangle Area woodworkers - any interest in getting together for lunch and shop talk in the next couple of weeks? :eusa_danc bobby g
  15. bobby g

    I super sized my drill press table

    I recently built a 30" X 60" work bench for the Outreach Trailer and when it came time to drill the holes for the bench dogs, I did a lot of head scratching. I wanted them to be square to the top and drilled cleanly. I figured using my drill press was the best way to go but the issue of...
  16. bobby g

    A Call for Artists

    Our church is once again sponsoring a Nativity Art Show and we'd like to see some of your work on display and for sale, if you like. Please read the details below and contact me for answers to questions or for more information. I can help work out the logistics for those of you outside of the...
  17. bobby g

    PE needed Benson to Pittsboro

    I volunteer for the CORA Food Pantry in Pittsboro and one of the things that I do is haul bread and meat to them from the Food Bank in Durham. I've been looking for plastic bread trays to use on these trips and have located some in Benson that the owner has donated to the cause. I need help in...
  18. bobby g

    How do I edit my classified?

    That's the question.
  19. bobby g

    Gloat and a little "how to" (final photo added)

    Quite some time ago, I visited the great shop of Bill Clemmons. It is loaded with great machinery and ideas. One of the things that I saw that I particularly liked was his table saw(s) island wherein he has a permanent dado setup in a saw that sits behind his main saw. A nicely made outfeed...
  20. bobby g

    Is Magnolia wood workable for furniture?

    A friend mentioned tonight that he has been air drying some fairly large magnolia boards for about 3 years now. Is the wood useful at all? How does it work? bobby g

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