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    WTT: G1023RLX 52” Rail System

    The rails are 3x3 angle iron that attach to the saw with two 3/8-16 x1” bolts, 16” on center. See photos attached. The rectangular tube steel guide rail attaches to the angle iron. PM sent to each.
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    WTT: G1023RLX 52” Rail System

    Thanks for the reply. My saw has the 52" capacity to the right and has the extension table. When I get home this evening I will shoot some photos and make some measurements.
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    WTT: G1023RLX 52” Rail System

    I have a Grizzly G1023RXL table saw with 52” rails (rip capacity 52”). I don’t need that much capacity and would like to trade for the 30” rail system.
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    Looking for a Grizzly coupon

    My bad. Thank you for forwarding.
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    Looking for a Grizzly coupon

    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX expires 10/31 actual code removed, sent via PM to MarkE
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    Online Auction - Walnut, Cherry, Magnolia, Ash, Cedar, Cypress (Apex, NC)

    I could be in for $200-$300 if we get a good price.
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    Anybody Close To Denver With 4' x 8' CNC Capability?

    I live in the Denver, NC area and would like to have a "Paulk Workbench" top, sides, and internals cut on a CNC. It's essentially a plywood or MDF torsion box with 20mm holes in a grid pattern for a top. I purchased the plans and can most certainly make at home, but would like to have it cut on...
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    Grizzly Woodworking Equipment

    I own the G0495X. I really like it. The helical head is pretty awesome. The only gripes that I have with it are: - The fence doesn't hold dead square over time (weeks, not months) - it's not a huge problem as long as I remember to check it at the beginning of the day - The infeed/outfeed...
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    Workbench Slabs - taking census on who many are interested in

    I would be interested as well. Will follow this thread
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    Interest in classes in the Concord area?

    I would most certainly attend a class. I would even be willing to "donate" more than the usual $30-$40 to maybe help pay for one of our more seasoned instructor's accommodations and meals. The Raleigh trip is usually the limiting factor for me.
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    Sketch Up Class

    I'm one of the dropouts. It's paid for if anybody can make it.
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    Hardwood stores in the Charlotte Area

    I forgot about Rick. I guess it's because I never purchased wood from him, only Festools. He is awesome, though. He spent 30 minutes talking about stuff and I didn't buy a thing. I did, however, go back and spend waaaay too much on tools later.
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    Handplane useage workshop May?

    I would like to be added to the list for either day.
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    Hardwood stores in the Charlotte Area

    I get my domestic HW lumber from Kyle Edwards at The Sawmill, LLC in the Denver area (~30 minutes from downtown). He is also a member here, and a good dude. I have also used Queen City Lumber on Weddington Ave off 7th St. They have a few domestic HW species, but they...
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    Update for Sketchup Class

    My donation has been made.
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    Update for Sketchup Class

    I'll be there. If not, my $40 will be.
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    Sketchup Class

    I would most likely be in for the class. I would even be fine with paying early to hold a spot. If for some reason I couldn't go, I would be glad to donate my spot.
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    Walnut potential group buy?

    Understood. Same here.
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    Walnut potential group buy?

    I would be in for up to a couple of hundred if anybody else'd wife cuts off his manhood. Obviously, I'm joking about the manhood...or am I? Mine was taken from me many years ago. I would still like some walnut, though.

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