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    Makita 9.6v stick batteries

    Anyone have any luck with aftermarket batteries to replace the 9.6v Makita NiCD stick batteries? I have perfectly good tools I hate to have to replace. Seems like I cannot find batteries anywhere except on Amazon anymore.
  2. Hook

    I call it stress relief

    With tax season in full swing again, time is precious and my nerves are shot. :eek: A little time at the saw helps relieve the stress.:cool: Patterns are courtesy of SSW&C, do not recall the issue #'s: Crow puzzle (Or raven for the EAP fans): Snowman Ornaments:
  3. Hook

    Target Stand

    I've done a couple of these now, made this one for a local pastor to set up in his back yard for target practice: Nothing special about the construction - just plywood and 2x4's with some screws and glue
  4. Hook

    Mighty Mo finally assembled

    I did all the cutting early in the winter and posted it here in a now old thread - then work and life got in the way. Finally getting a break from both and got this battlewagon put together, just need to poly and put some felt on the bottom. Plans and patterns from BH&G Wood magazine: Yes...
  5. Hook

    Getting back in the groove

    Between work and life, finally getting a chance to get back in the groove of things. Not quite finished yet, but finally cut out, patterns from the latest couple issues of SSW&C:
  6. Hook

    Iowa Class Battleship

    Unfinished, nothing glued down yet: Patterns & Plans courtesy of BH&G "Wood" magazine Nov '16 issue Note that most of this was done on a bandsaw, a few pieces on the scroll saw.
  7. Hook

    Recent Simple projects

    Just to keep me in practice - school has kept me too busy to do much of anything else, so I needed to get a few simple projects done just to keep my confidence level from going down the toilet. Most of these were patterns from SSW&C. I purchased the Comedy/Tragedy clock pattern from someone...
  8. Hook

    Had time to do a little something

    After a year of not doing much, between exams, writing papers, and with my bride out of town for a day, I decided to see how long it would take to do this little number: Pattern courtesy of SSWC website.
  9. Hook

    Breaking in the new saw

    Redheart and Yellowheart puzzle boxes pattern courtesy of SSW&C
  10. Hook

    Getting ready for next year

    Might as well start early. Pattern courtesy of SSW&C Realized my error of not reading the instructions thoroughly here: :eek: oops No finish on it yet, still some sanding to do, but y'all get the idea:
  11. Hook

    It's that time of year

    I can't seem to make things fast enough - my wife wants ornaments for her Christmas party, I want ornaments for my office party and now that folks realize I'm back at it, they want ornaments or clocks or what not... Pattern courtesy of Sue Mey at, this clock is already...
  12. Hook

    This blade changing mechanism has GOT to change

    Spend some time working on a lighthouse clock and got tired of struggling with changing blades on my Delta SS350. So I switched projects. Pattern courtesy of SSW&C
  13. Hook

    First Scrolling projects in more than a year

    Since my wreck, last year, I've struggled tremendously with using my hand. Alas, I've started to take an "oh screw it and just do it" attitude. Unfortunately, this does involve a good deal of pain during the blade changing process. :wmad: I need to figure out a way to modify the process on my...
  14. Hook

    DIY Solar power?

    Anyone see this article yet?
  15. Hook

    Jingle Horse Candy Cart

    From the Holiday 2009 Edition of SSW&C Horse is Tiger Maple Cart is Cherry (Pine axles) Base is Poplar
  16. Hook

    Lighthouse Clock

    Started this clock around Christmas time, decided to play with the angle on the saw to see what kind of effect I could get with the base of the clock (aka - the water). I liked how it looked but had to take a break from it to get through year end accounting processes and tax season at the...
  17. Hook

    Hot Water Heater elements

    We got home from vacation Tuesday night to very little hot water (gotta love it). :wmad: Wednesday, being the licensed bean counter I am, I started doing the math to determine if I should call a plumber while I was out looking over the water heater. I put my hand over each cover and the top...
  18. Hook


    Patterns from SSW&C. I think from the 2008 Holiday issue but don't take my word for it. First the butterfly - Purpleheart. Next time I decide to use purpleheart for one of these things, somebody beat some sense into my head... :BangHead: The next two puzzles, if I recall the article in...
  19. Hook

    Finally getting back at it

    Have had almost no motivation to do any scrolling for awhile, decided to sit in front of the saw after getting some of the latest issues of SSW & C and digging through the 300 Christian SS patterns book. I realize some of these still need to be sanded:
  20. Hook

    How to build an Acoustic Guitar

    Started the class last night at Woodcraft in Raleigh with Herb Shelly. Very personable guy, doesn't talk down to the guys who have no woodworking experience - very encouraging instructor. Started with a kit with the sides already bent, the back attached to the box and the kerfing/perfelling...

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