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    Getting protective masks to those who need them most.

    Hello all, I know I'm not the only one who has a family member in healthcare. My wife currently works at several hospitals in the Raleigh area including UNC Rex, and Wake Med. As you've probably heard, there is an every increasing need for protective masks, N-95 rated, or even just plain dust...
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    OK. How did they make this simple thing?

    Vintage Bread boards. As in, the things bakers used to make bread on or sometimes slide dough in to the oven with (also called a 'peel'). Now the things people serve pizza on, or just hang on their kitchen wall. In the photos below, I get the reason for the two cross grain pieces of wood...
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    Looking for green Paper Birch

    Been trolling Craigslist for a while and can't some up with any source for green Birch logs. Wanting to use them for carving. Also after some Silver (soft) Maple, or Black cherry. Other than ringing up an arborist, does anyone have ideas of how to source some of this timber? Thanks, Dan
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    What in the heck is this used for? A tool? A torture device?

    Is this a woodworking thing? Looks very hand made but for the life of me I can't guess what it was made for. I'd maybe guess a rope stretcher, but I don't think that's a thing. Picked up at a garage sale by a friend.
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    Roubo workbench complete.

    Finally got this guy done. It's a 6' slab of 5 1/2 thick red oak. Took me a while to wrangle it into shape, but I'm pretty excited to get to work on it. I'd be happy to post more info and photos of the process here if anyone is interested. Alternatively, there's a lot of it on Instagram at...
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    Can I post short video content here?

    Was going to upload a bit of my roubo workbench build, since many here were helpful during the process. A few highlights are short videos. Are those post-able? Thanks Dan
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    Enormous Estate tool sale this weekend. 1/18/19

    Looks like a gold mine for those willing to put work into something. Let me know what you find!
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    Insect holes found in year old Red Oak slab. Could they still be in there?

    Hi all I just got a big 6" thick Red Oak slab for a roubo workbench. It had been air drying for over a year at the mill. After dusting it off I noticed a couple holes (roughly 1/2" across) that ran about a half inch below the surface of the slab. I'm assuming these are insect holes? I...
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    How can I avoid 'furriness' in finish of eating spoon.

    Hey there, Been carving a few spoons lately and finishing them with walnut oil. After a use or two they get a bit 'furry' and have a less that pleasing least to my 9 year old cereal eater. Anyone know how to fix this? Some wood has been willow, sometimes cherry or oak...
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    Maple Tree being cut down by city. Is any of this salvagable? (pics)

    Hi, An old twisty but large maple tree is due to be cut down by the City of Raleigh 'soon'. I'd love to see it's wood used by woodworkers. I'll likely grab some branches for carving, as I don't have any means to mill logs, but I thought I'd put this out there for anyone else whose interested...
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    Possible finds lurking at this estate sale.

    Not a bonanza, but a few things here and there!
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    Finish for wooden spoon that'll hold up to hot tea!

    Hi, Been carving a few spoons and enjoying it. My wife wants a spoon she can use to stir her tea in the morning. Is there any non-toxic finish that can handle that kind of heat? Would linseed oil or walnut oil do any good? Thanks. Dan
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    Ammonia Fuming White Oak

    Curious thing. I fumed my first piece of white oak the other day. About a cup and a half of 28% ammonia hydroxide for 24 hrs. in an igloo cooler. The thing turned out dark alright! What surprised me was that the tigerstripe figure of the quartersawn oak was now the darkest part of the wood. I...
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    Holy Cow. Unloading a ton of old tools on Craigslist
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    Wood Owl Auger bits don't fit my hand brace. Is it me?

    Another question from me. I was gifted some much lauded Wood Owl Ultra-Smooth Auger bits for Christmas but was disappointed to find that the 7/16th shank won't fit in my hand brace. Since Mr. Chris Schwarz often talks them up as being perfect for 'monkey-powered' drilling, I'm wondering if...
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    Tricks for hiding box bottom dadoes on through dovetails. (handtools only)

    I've seen a number of methods for hiding the ends of dadoes used for box or drawer bottoms, but I'm wondering if anyone has 'tried them all' and arrived at a preferred solution. Stopped dadoes are easy with a power router (I'm told), and possible with a router plane and chisel (I've done it but...
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    What do you apply to your hand tools to keep them from rusting?

    I thought that just moistening a rag with Camilla oil and wiping down my hand planes, chisels and saws after use was all I needed to do. However, when I do this and leave the tool be for a few days or more it gets all gummy. 3-1 oil doesn't seem to do this but I'm not crazy about getting...
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    Dovetailed box from Birdseye Maple, Sapele...and a couple leather shoestrings.

    I couldn't find stop hinges that would work in the orientation I needed, so...shoestrings to the rescue! Open to ideas for other solutions I could've used. Chains I think would interfered with the closing of the lid. Thanks.
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    Dovetailed Mailbox in Oak (with Red Mahogany stain)

    Quartersawn oak mailbox for a neighbor. Had to hand chisel the numbers out. Should I have defined them more with a line etched around them, or do you like them how they are? Takes a second look for some to see the numbers, which I kind of like, actually. Battled hidden glue residue mucking...
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    Super old tool chest, maybe a hand saw box for auction.

    Saw this here. Might interest someone.

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