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  1. Berta

    Cutting metal with BS

    Jig saw is what I have used.
  2. Berta

    Which scroll saw?

    I COMPLETELY agree with Scott.
  3. Berta

    Input required

    I do agree with this.
  4. Berta

    Input required

    My honest opinion is to satisfy both charitable works AND woodworking by possibly finding or starting an organization similar to the ramp building that Scott M mentioned. Especially since we are not able to do outreach events right now.
  5. Berta

    Drum sander recommendations

    I bought a used Jet 22/44 (I think) I could not be happier.
  6. Berta

    We're moving the raffle up!!

    Where did you find a Zoom Link?
  7. Berta

    We're moving the raffle up!!

    Did it happen?
  8. Berta

    We're moving the raffle up!!

    This Saturday? Today? Now?
  9. Berta

    Breadboard ends

    I have done this. I used a hand held router and a fence for the tenon. A router in the table for the mortise. Finished with a hand plane.
  10. Berta

    Digital angle gage

    I bought one called a tilt box by Beall Tool Co. I made sure my table was set to 90 and my blade was square. Tried to use it to set my bevel angles and I never got the same reading twice. I went back to my block of wood and plastic protractor.
  11. Berta

    Klingspor's Woodworking Shop of Cary is hiring!

    I can’t work there...I would never bring home a paycheck!
  12. Berta

    We're moving the raffle up!!

    Polish that Pegas up for me please!
  13. Berta

    Cutting board

    As long as you’re not going to re-cut to make end grain it should be fine. I’ve never used them in cutting boards.
  14. Berta

    Murdock lumber is selling almost all lumber

    70 miles, one way.
  15. Berta

    Cutting board

    I have made a couple of end grain cutting boards. The directions say to glue up the board in a certain pattern, cross cut them, arrange end grain up and then glue again. I don’t own one.
  16. Berta

    Project assembly - Is it wise to paint during dry-fit?

    When you tape joints ( or anything really) the trick is paint from the tape to the wood. Start by burnishing the tape down especially the edges, then start your paint ON the tape and brush towards the wood. That way you’re not pushing paint under the tape. I hope I explained that clearly.
  17. Berta

    Rigid oscillating sander belts for the surface sander

    They do mail order AND curbside pickup. Website for mail order a phone call to your store of choice for curbside. I’ve done both.
  18. Berta

    Rigid oscillating sander belts for the surface sander

    I bought mine at Klingspor’s as well
  19. Berta

    Summer Projects

    Simply gorgeous!
  20. Berta

    More floating shelves and an island

    Please do!

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