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  1. cubicdissection

    Hiring full time woodworker!

    Thanks guys! Still looking to hire...
  2. cubicdissection

    Hiring full time woodworker!

    Hi Everyone, We've been making high-end mechanical puzzles and puzzle boxes here in Raleigh for well over a decade. The business is growing, and we're in need of a full-time woodworker. Hobby experience is fine, and while I'd love to have someone come in with solid skill sets, we're also open...
  3. cubicdissection

    Anyone have a Grizzly coupon?

    I'm looking to buy some tools from Griz and was wondering if anyone had one of those 10% off coupons they wouldn't mind parting with...
  4. cubicdissection

    Two 20# Propance CylindersFfilled $25

    Quick head up that Costco will fill up to 20#'s for $10. Also a steal ;)
  5. cubicdissection

    Unloading some Maple...

    Man if this were in Raleigh I'd jump on it
  6. cubicdissection

    Jointer - 3 Blade Knife's vs HELICAL HEAD

    I'm gonna go against what others have said and tell you to buy the helical if you have the money. The inserts last far longer, no messing around with depth setting...sure, all that is true. What has gone unmentioned is the performance difference. By taking many tiny cuts instead of three big...
  7. cubicdissection

    Cheap table saw mobile base idea

    Just thought I would share this with you guys, since it worked pretty well with both my table saws. Probably not as solid as a $200+ factory mobile base, but I'm still getting .001 accuracy with my jigs so thats all that matters with me. In a nutshell, I combined two Harbor Freight mobile...
  8. cubicdissection

    One of the largest pines I have seen..

    I totally read that headline as something else...thought we had a urologist on the forum or something. :icon_cheers:elvis: Uh, nice wood! :D
  9. cubicdissection

    Warren Stroh's Lathe

    My grandpa, Warren Stroh, was a machinist at Coors Brewing Company his whole life. He lived in Denver, and passed away about a year and a half ago. I got the phone call as the cruise ship I was on pulled off the best bud from the Marines was getting married, and it was also my...
  10. cubicdissection

    Made a Humidor

    Yeah, they're 3/4 inch square tiles with endgrain face up in maple, mahogany and walnut. Individually beveled. 1/8" thick. Don't even ask how long it took. Looks unique though! :)
  11. cubicdissection

    Made a Humidor

    Hey folks, long time no see...been busy farting around on other forums lately. Made a humidor recently and I thought I'd share some pics. First humidor I've ever made, fairly happy with how it turned out. I actually took pics and did a write up while I made it, which I posted on the cigar...
  12. cubicdissection

    CL alert 15" planer $500 Not mine, etc.
  13. cubicdissection

    Got my Dustroyer today

    Hi Mike, Looks good! I notice the cord going to the motor is pretty tight in the cutout for the motor bracket. I overlooked that, and will modify the file for the 34-4xx Delta machines. If you feel it affects the fit adversly, drop me a PM and I'll send you another bottom piece.
  14. cubicdissection

    Dustroyer table saw dust guard - now p and running! NCWW discount

    OK folks, I still need a bunch of measurements on a bunch of saws! Drop me a line if you have one of these models, and I'll come out to YOU and measure it, then deliver your guard in the next day or two. No charge whatsoever, and measurements take about 20 minutes (unless you want to talk...
  15. cubicdissection

    Dustroyer table saw dust guard - now p and running! NCWW discount

    Thanks! I also was graced with a link from Bill Pentz's site; the holy grail of dust collection knowledge. Ed at clearvue is a nice guy, and if he ever sends me the grapgic file I may end up cutting a bunch of keychains for him.
  16. cubicdissection

    Dustroyer table saw dust guard - now p and running! NCWW discount

    Hm, didn't know the DW746 had an open back...looks more like a hybrid saw from the pictures. The case looks HUGE. Could you email me a picture of the back of your saw? info AT dustroyer . com
  17. cubicdissection

    Dustroyer table saw dust guard - now p and running! NCWW discount

    That's very gracious of you Salem; I was not fully alert when you were by (never am before noon), and I'd love to give you a little better tour of the facilities whenever you're in the area! Shipped your Dustroyer today :D
  18. cubicdissection

    Shared Space ... cool

    Seems to me like this business model would only be successful in areas with extremely expensive real estate. In San Fran and NYC, most people can't afford the shop space, and would be more likely to participate. Since you can buy a house with a 2 car garage so cheaply in Raleigh (not to...
  19. cubicdissection

    Dustroyer table saw dust guard - now p and running! NCWW discount

    Thanks for the email Chris...I sent a reply :)

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