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  1. cubicdissection

    Hiring full time woodworker!

    Hi Everyone, We've been making high-end mechanical puzzles and puzzle boxes here in Raleigh for well over a decade. The business is growing, and we're in need of a full-time woodworker. Hobby experience is fine, and while I'd love to have someone come in with solid skill sets, we're also open...
  2. cubicdissection

    Anyone have a Grizzly coupon?

    I'm looking to buy some tools from Griz and was wondering if anyone had one of those 10% off coupons they wouldn't mind parting with...
  3. cubicdissection

    Cheap table saw mobile base idea

    Just thought I would share this with you guys, since it worked pretty well with both my table saws. Probably not as solid as a $200+ factory mobile base, but I'm still getting .001 accuracy with my jigs so thats all that matters with me. In a nutshell, I combined two Harbor Freight mobile...
  4. cubicdissection

    Warren Stroh's Lathe

    My grandpa, Warren Stroh, was a machinist at Coors Brewing Company his whole life. He lived in Denver, and passed away about a year and a half ago. I got the phone call as the cruise ship I was on pulled off the best bud from the Marines was getting married, and it was also my...
  5. cubicdissection

    Made a Humidor

    Hey folks, long time no see...been busy farting around on other forums lately. Made a humidor recently and I thought I'd share some pics. First humidor I've ever made, fairly happy with how it turned out. I actually took pics and did a write up while I made it, which I posted on the cigar...
  6. cubicdissection

    CL alert 15" planer $500 Not mine, etc.
  7. cubicdissection

    Jet table saw with extras on CL

    Not mine...looks like a nice deal though; Jet makes good saws.
  8. cubicdissection

    Dustroyer table saw dust guard - now p and running! NCWW discount

    Well, it took six weeks from the time I had the idea, but the website is up and we're ready to get going. I don't have as many model templates as I would like, but I figure we can add them as we go. There's a ton of saws up there that I need a pattern for, so if you want a free one just click...
  9. cubicdissection

    New Joint?

    So I'm making a puzzle which has a frame and some acrylic panels slotted into grooves .100 inside the edge. Rather than do a triple miter joint (which is a PITA since you have six angles of cumulative error), I came up with this. It's a hybrid between a miter joint and a rabbit/shoulder. Very...
  10. cubicdissection

    It never fails (oh, and a deal on a rikon)

    Whenever I've got my eye on a new tool for the shop, I usually give it 4-6 weeks to see if something will come up on craigslist before I buy new. I mostly end up buying new, and within a couple weeks the item I was looking for comes up at a good deal. Case in point; just bought this Rikon...
  11. cubicdissection

    Delta DC-380 15" planer on CL Looks like about 1/2 of retail and in good condition. Wish he had been selling this when I bought my 15" several months ago!
  12. cubicdissection

    DW735 in Clayton for $350

    Not mine :)
  13. cubicdissection

    Anyone knowledgeable about fire/bldg code for woodshops? NEED HELP

    I was tag teamed by a code inspector and fire marshall today. They walked through the warehouse (I rent the back) and before they even got to my workspace, essentially kicked me out of the building. I've been subletting the back of the building, and was about to take the whole lease over in...
  14. cubicdissection

    How to shrink wrap like a pro

    My latest shop tip :gar-La;
  15. cubicdissection

    Sand & Suck Gloat

    Well, Paul made me a deal I couldn't refuse, and I've had my eye on that dang sander a while, so here's what I picked up yesterday: This thing's a beast compared to my 6x36 Harbor Freight sander, which served well enough for a couple years. My buddy Gary (NCTurner) is scoring my old HF...
  16. cubicdissection

    Need volunteers

    OK, I think I'm going to go ahead and make the Dustroyer as a production item. Since I only have two saws in my shop, I need people willing to volunteer to take some measurements from their saw to help with templates. Participants will receive a free copy, shipping included, not a penny out of...
  17. cubicdissection

    Beter contractors saw dust collection

    Got tired of all the dust flying out the back of my table saw, so I cut this little thingy out on my laser cutter. Only works when the blade is at 90 degrees, but that's what I do 95% of my cutting at anyway. Sticks on with magnets, so whenever I cut an angle it just pops off in 10 seconds...
  18. cubicdissection

    Any HF coupons around?

    Anyone have any Harbor Freight coupons? I need to buy a buttload of toggle clamps...the small $4 ones.
  19. cubicdissection

    Electric wiring help please

    My shop is the back half of an old warehouse / industrial building downtown. The electric is a hodgepodge of new and old. Right now all my tools run off three 30A circuits; two older with screw in fuses, and one newer with a breaker in a box thats maybe 10 years old. I'm looking to run a 220...
  20. cubicdissection

    Bot Gloat

    ShopBot that is :D Found this on the shopbot forums...Buddy 48. Had to drive to Ohio to pick it up which I found ironic since it started life about 20 minutes away from me in Durham! Now to clean up the shop and make some space....

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