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  1. LB75

    Sub Panel Wiring Question

    Let me preface my question by saying that I do have a pretty solid understanding of household electrical wiring. A few years ago I did all of the wiring from meter socket to main panel to outlets for the 200 amp service in my workshop so I do have some experience under my belt in how to add...
  2. LB75

    Looking for a hobbyist CNC operator in Concord area...

    I'm looking for someone in the Concord area that can do a small machining project of some solid Phenolic sheet on their CNC. The 2 sheets are only 11" x 15". If you have one and can take on a small project please PM me so we can discuss the project and cost. I'll provide the phenolic sheets. Thanks!
  3. LB75

    Could use some muscle help on Thursday in Concord

    Looks like I may be picking up a 3HP shaper from Leneave Supply in Charlotte on Thursday afternoon. I'm hoping I can get a couple of local folks to help me get it out of my truck and into the shop on Thursday evening. It weighs in at 350 pounds and is a bit more than the wife and I can handle...
  4. LB75

    FB Marketplace Find: Porter Cable Pocket Hole Machine

    Found this on the marketplace. If I recall correctly Porter Cable licensed these from Castle for a time before Castle started selling them direct. Pretty good price considering a new Castle machine runs for almost $1,200.00. Thought maybe someone here would be interested...
  5. LB75

    FS: Infeed/Outfeed Tables for Supermax 19-38 Drum Sander

    Selling the fixed infeed/outfeed tables for a Supermax 19-38 drum sander. Nothing wrong with them, just replaced them with the folding tables to open up some room in the shop. All mounting hardware included. $50 for the set, pickup in Concord, NC.
  6. LB75

    Woodmaster Planer/Moulder opinions?

    I stumbled across the Woodmaster 712 and 718 planer/moulder while browsing the FB marketplace and am curious if anyone here has any experience with these machines? The moulding head and gang rip saw capabilities really interest me but the advertised flexibility/capabilities of these seem almost...
  7. LB75

    FS: Laguna 2HP Laguna Cyclone - Available Again

    For Sale: Laguna 2HP Cyclone dust collector, Model Number MDC0560. Lightly used, great for use in a small shop. All original parts included. Local pick in Concord, NC. $850 Firm.
  8. LB75

    WTB: 6" Dust Collector Hose

    Just curious if anyone in the Concord and surrounding areas has any extra lengths of 6" flex hose laying around that they'd like to sell? If you do please PM me with the price you're looking for. Looking for at least one piece 6 foot long but if the price is right I'd be interested in multiple...
  9. LB75

    Check my math please (Dust Collection)

    So I completed the install of my new ClearVue CV1800 and am now tweaking my drops to get the 6" piping run all the way to the machines. I'm at the point now of connecting the table saw. I currently have a 4" port in the cabinet and a 2.5" shark guard port above the blade. I've been studying Bill...
  10. LB75

    Anyone here have a ClearVue CV1800 or CVMax?

    I'm hoping someone here has one of these cyclones. If you do, can you share a picture of how you transitioned from the intake chute to level piping? I'm working on installing my new CV1800 and was hoping to just tie it in to the existing 6" S&D piping I have run through the shop but that 11...
  11. LB75

    Where to find used machines nowadays?

    Since it appears that Craigslist has become pretty much a bust in recent years when it comes to finding used machinery, what is everyone's favorite places to buy and sell shop machines? I'm in the market for a 3 HP shaper at the moment and have an 8" Grizzly jointer with spiral cutterhead to...
  12. LB75

    An amateur builds a kitchen...

    Been a while since I posted around these parts. I've been spending my time working on the cabinets for our kitchen remodel and figured I'd post some pics of the work in progress. There's a total of 34 cabinets going in and I have all the components made for them except for the wall oven cabinet...
  13. LB75

    FS: Festool Guide Rails (32", 55" and 75")

    Selling 3 Festool track saw guide rails. These are compatible with Festool, Makita and Triton track saws. Each rail is straight and will include a fresh splinter guard so you can match it to your track saw. Slight blemish on the aluminum edge of the 32' track but it does not affect the accuracy...
  14. LB75

    118" Makita Guide Rail arrived safely... Barely...

    Received my 118" Makita guide rail today and thankfully it survived shipping. In addition to the boot prints, the wood frame the rail was packed in was cracked. I'm honestly amazed it made it without getting bent. I guess to FedEx Freight, "Fragile" must be Italian for "Safe to walk on".
  15. LB75

    Not a bowl but I did turn it...

    Nothing on par with the beautiful turnings I see around here but felt like sharing this one. I've been getting back to it on the lathe the past few months after finally cracking the code on how to make a CA finish work. This one is a black ash burl roller ball.
  16. LB75

    Castle Pocket Hole opinions?

    Does anyone here use the Castle pocket hole machines? Just curious if the 6 degree angle of the pocket really makes that big of a difference keeping things aligned during assembly compared to the 15 degree hole that the Kreg setup drills. I'm about to embark on our kitchen cabinet build which...
  17. LB75

    Drill press repair....

    It will never cease to amaze me how such a simple and cheap component can cripple a machine. I was using my drill press the other night and all was fine until after a few holes the spindle dropped out of the quill. I didn't hear anything break or any grinding, the spindle just dropped so that...
  18. LB75

    Free to good home: Grizzly Overarm Dust Guard

    Grizzly overarm dust guard free to anyone that can use it. Pickup in Concord, NC.
  19. LB75

    First project from rough lumber

    This is a little project I've been working on for our newly remodeled den. This is the first project I've completed starting from rough lumber, in this case some cherry I picked up during the group buy we had back in 2012. The cabinet and door frames are made from the cherry and the door panels...
  20. LB75

    Next Charlotte are Meet-Up October 21st

    We are looking at holding the next Charlotte area meet-up on October 21st at my shop in Concord. Matt Furjanic has graciously agreed to conduct a veneering demo and NTCook will be doing a steam bending demo. Thinking about a 10 or 11 AM start, we'll do the veneering demo, break for lunch and...

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