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  1. mshel

    Jet Air Cleaner

    Jet AFS 1000B air cleaner. Im downsizing and no longer have a need for this unit. Its in great shape, has remote control. $275.00 You can email me at if you want more info. I have pics if you want or you can just google for a stock photo,
  2. mshel

    Getting out of woodworking

    What with everyone having their noses stuck to their phones or tablets, Im surprised anyone even buys pens . I for one like a good pen and years ago my wife presented me with a Mount Blanc roller ball which I still have and its not been used but a couple of times in all the years. Beautiful...
  3. mshel

    Mini Max 16 bandsaw

    My thrust bearing is on its last leg and I am looking for an alternative. I priced one from MMax and they want$60 + shipping for a replacement and Im testing the waters to see if there is something else out there at a lower cost. Any help will be appreciated.
  4. mshel

    Barn Door ??????

    Need to construct a barn door for an out building and wondered if any of the members have made one and be willing to share pictures and info. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  5. mshel

    Joinery for a really small table

    Made one similar using live edge walnut. I cut mortises in the bottom of the top and put tenons on the legs. Glued in and havent had any issues thus far. Been done for several years . If I can find a pic I will post it.
  6. mshel

    Mahogany Plywood

    Been out of touch for a while but I am in need of a 4x8 sheet of 1/2" mahogany plywood. Anyone know of a source in the immediate area? Getting ready to make a couple of vanities out of mahogany and need the plywood for some panels and such. Please PM me if you know of or possibly have some...
  7. mshel

    Help in avoiding tiger stripe in lacquer.

    You might try adding some retarder to the finish to prevent the rapid drying and try applying multiple thin coats vs one heavy one. I sometimes get the same effect and I attribute it to the finish drying too fast. With the retarder, you can keep a wet edge. Just a thought. Mike
  8. mshel

    Since when

    Do we have to post a minimum amount of words? Tried to reply to someone who responded to a post of mine and I kept getting a message saying I hadn't posted enough words. Say it ain't so. mike
  9. mshel

    WTB. 4x4 red oak

    Looking for one 4x4 red oak post 8' long. Must be dry. If you have such a beast and want to sell, please send me a PM. mike
  10. mshel

    Drop front desk

    Very nice. Curious why the customer didn't want a knee hole.
  11. mshel

    What is the best way to insulate my shop roof?

    Not sure of your construction scenario but here is what I did. I bought the 4x8 sheets of foam board with the foil on one side. I attached them to the rafters with nails that have the plastic washers on them. I put the foil facing the roof. After all the sheets were attached, I went back and...
  12. mshel

    Woodcraft Magazine

    Just checked and the new price is $7.99. If it wasn't for having to wait up to 14 weeks for the first issue to arrive, I might be interested. Mike
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  14. mshel

    Musically Seated

    State fair in Feb ! Oh, I forgot we are talking bout way down south. :gar-Bi Mike
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  18. mshel

    Steve Cole Resignation from the Board of Directors

    He is NCWW. Steve started NCWW and if not for him, it wouldn't be here. Sometimes I feel he doesn't get the credit he deserves. Mike

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