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  1. Tarhead

    Any roofer recommendations for ENC: New Bern?

    Have you tried ? That's what we use for local recommendations.
  2. Tarhead

    Craftshows in NC

    My brother does well on Etsy with his wooden items and microwave fused glass jewelry.
  3. Tarhead

    What is your indispensable hand tool?

    Mine is a small ~6"X8" plywood shooting board I use with my block plane for sneaking up on the length of small stuff with a bench hook on the opposite side for quick handsaw and chisel cuts.
  4. Tarhead

    Baltic Birch 3/4 x 4' x 8'

    I also got the same quote. It was FOB destination residential in Concord. They didn't have a will-call price. They must be sitting on a bunch of it.
  5. Tarhead

    Collapsed pail

    You're sucking more air than you're supplying to the system. I had a problem with my sanders getting the abrasive too hot because they were being sucked too hard to the workpiece and did this. 1/2" hole in a Tee connector lid. Tape on when I need full suction and tape off when I need more...
  6. Tarhead

    4" PVC Pipe Free on Charlotte CL

    Not mine: 4” PVC pipe/ Tree Stand - free stuff
  7. Tarhead

    Vertical mill in Charlotte area?

    You may want to replace the collet if it got that hot. I made a scraper burnisher out of an old straight router bit. Insert the sharp end into a handle with the correct size hole and epoxy. Use the smooth shank as your burnisher.
  8. Tarhead

    Vertical mill in Charlotte area?

    Your router bit should be fine. Aluminum is very soft.
  9. Tarhead

    Hollow Chisel Mortiser or Domino Jointer

    Is the Domino expensive? Yep Will you use it for about everything you will build from the day you get it? Yep Will it make you smile every time you use it? Yep Will it lose half of its value if later on you decide to change hobbies or want the bigger one? Nope
  10. Tarhead

    Where to find used machines nowadays?

    With the economy going in the toilet I imagine we'll be seeing much more being unloaded soon. Just like we did in 2007-08.
  11. Tarhead

    New Domino-Sticks 12x750 Small Batches

    How about some pressure treated SYP for outside projects?
  12. Tarhead

    Honing Guide Help

    Amen! Make a small one too.
  13. Tarhead

    Where to find used machines nowadays?

    I see some deals in FB Marketplace. There was an 18" MiniMax Bandsaw on there this morning.
  14. Tarhead

    Honing Guide Help

    Get a cheap "Eclipse" clone guide and modify it per the instructions on this video. The key to using any guide is even pressure on each side.
  15. Tarhead

    Track saw question

    I got by with a sheet of 1" styrofoam insulation on the driveway/garage floor for a very long time. A "special" cutting table is very unnecessary.
  16. Tarhead

    Track saw question

    I've had my track saw since the '90s. After getting a great band saw I've not used my table saw except as a place to collect junk.
  17. Tarhead

    Drill Press Table?

    I have an industrial DP and it's not made for easily changing the height of the table. There is no rack and pinion and the table is heavy. I bought a trailer jack at HF and installed it under the table. It's not the most precise thing but it beats manhandling the table. I had to bend the ears...
  18. Tarhead

    corona dust mask

    Get one of these. Much cheaper over the long run, better fit, work great with glasses, comfortable and also have an organic vapor cartridge: Elipse P100 Dust Mask
  19. Tarhead

    WTB a small quantity of Sodium Nitrite.

    Try local restaurant supply places. It's used to cure hams and other meats.
  20. Tarhead

    New Chisel Sharpening?

    Only worry about flatening the first 1/4" behind the edge. You will need to progressively make smaller scratches to get the mirror finish (unnecessary for woodworking but understand why you want it). I suggest go to an auto parts store and get an assortment pack of auto body sandpaper up to...

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