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  1. Wolfpacker

    New deck w/ screened porch & roof

    I have been getting quotes/estimates on tearing off the deck on my house and replacing with a screen porch and roof. The joists are starting to show deterioration and I can't see putting walls and roof on a so-so framing structure. The deck is also not level....several inche of drop from house...
  2. Wolfpacker

    Update on my kidney transplant status

    Hi all, some of you will recall I had to drop out of the Triad shop crawl due to my schedule being too tight with an upcoming kidney transplant in the works. I just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and kind words. I received the new kidney from a friend of about 50 years on 8/21 and...
  3. Wolfpacker

    Dust collection blast gates

    I came across a JDS starter kit and an expansion kit for sale, new in box. Is this a good brand ? I don't have the dust collector yet, but these look to be half price of retail cost. It has a controller and gate in the starter kit and two more gates in the expansion kit. Thanks.
  4. Wolfpacker

    ShopBot two day class

    I am excited to have won a prize at the picnic raffle, but alas, it is not one I need. If I lived closer to Durham, I might go for kicks and grins, but since I don't, I'd like to see it put to better use by someone on the forum that has an interest. I would like to offer this up for sale for...
  5. Wolfpacker

    It was a lucky day at the estate sale !

    As I was wandering thru a junky garage today, I bent over and opened an orange tool box to see what was in it and wow, glad I did. A Kreg K4 jig for $10 that apparently has never been used as the clamp hasn't been attached to the base yet ! Also has two 500 ct boxes of pocket screws included...
  6. Wolfpacker

    Oneida Dust Collector

    I looked at this unit today, but unsure of it's capacity as I don't know the specs of the unit. The motor is 1.5 HP and it's at least 12 -15 yr old. The owner used it in his furniture building shop and is no longer using it. It is too tall for my basement as it stands, so I'd either have to...
  7. Wolfpacker

    Rigid planer

    Would like to hear comments from anyone having a 13" Rigid planer. I am looking at a new one vs a used Dewalt 733. Never used one before. Thanks.
  8. Wolfpacker

    Basement Workshop setup.....need input !!

    I am going to use part of my basement for a workshop and could use input from anyone having a shop about the same size or in a basement. The area is 30' 10" x 31' 3", just over 900 sf and with a height of 94" as is without a ceiling. There are no electrical outlets or lighting in that area now...
  9. Wolfpacker

    Shopsmith....worth it ?

    I just saw a shopsmith advertised in my area for $650 negotiable. Lady says she bought it from the original owner's son and it's in good shape. I already have a table saw, band saw, drill press and belt sander, so would likely just use it as a lathe. I don't know what a good price is for this...
  10. Wolfpacker

    Plumber needed in Hendersonville

    Anyone in the Hendersonville, NC area know a good, reliable, reasonably priced plumber ? I need to have my sewer line extended about 35-40 ft to where I will park my RV so I can dump the holding tanks. Thanks.
  11. Wolfpacker

    Table Saws

    I have a Craftsman 10" table saw, circa 1980 or so. It has the cast aluminum top and stamped steel extensions. It has served me well for what I've done so far. I have the opportunity to purchase a really old Craftsman 10" table saw that has the cast iron top and extensions on a homemade...
  12. Wolfpacker

    Need source of hardwood flooring in WNC

    I am looking for hardwood flooring, most likely we'll go with pre-finished. Other than the local flooring stores, Lowes, Home Depot, Scroungers Paradise, does anyone know of other sources in the Asheville/Hendersonville area ? We will need somewhere in the 1900-2000 sq ft range....still need...
  13. Wolfpacker

    Free stuff near Asheville/Hendersonville NC

    I'm cleaning out the garage and have a box full of stains, varnish, turpentine, mineral spirits, some paint, etc. If anyone wants to come get it, it's yours for the taking. I checked to see if all of it looked OK and it is. Most cans are much closer to full than I realized...don't know how I...
  14. Wolfpacker

    Cyclone Separators for Dust Collector & Shop Vacuum

    Came across these while looking for something else and was wondering if those of you in the know about dust collection could advise if either of these items would be worth considering.
  15. Wolfpacker

    Universal Mobile Base @ NT....any good ?

    Hi guys & gals, I saw that Northern Tool has this mobile base on sale this weekend and wondered if anyone has used it and can vouch for it's value or lack thereof. I realize there may be better ones out there, but for $29 bucks, I can't build one for less using HF casters and plywood. My...
  16. Wolfpacker

    Deck issues....what do you think ?

    The deck on my house was painted when I bought it...yes the floor. I wanted to stain it after the paint started peeling and I pressure washed most of it off and used a floor sander to get rid of 95% of the old paint...except around the perimeter...near the house wall and under the deck railings...
  17. Wolfpacker

    I want to, but....any knocks on this product ??

    HD has an online deal (today only) for the Ridgid 12V impact driver and drill/driver for $99. Unless someone on here knows of an issue with these, I'd go for it due to the lifetime warranty that includes free batteries. Anyone have these and can comment on their quality or have actually gotten...
  18. Wolfpacker

    Freebie from Bosch - Got mine !!

    Had to think hard as to how I got it, but finally found the source.....and 4 months later....I have free tools...hope it fits my HF vs multi-tool. Thanks Tommy !! Freebie from Bosch tommyt654 from Myrtle Beach, SC Posts: 208 tommyt654 11-09-2010, 08:12 PM Go here...
  19. Wolfpacker

    WNC Carpool to 3/25-26 show in Charlotte ??

    Is anyone interested in carpooling from the Asheville/Hendersonville area on either Friday or Saturday to the show ? If so, post here and we'll work out the details. THE TRUTH: I'd love to catch a ride with someone as I can't leave the LOML stranded w/o a vehicle and my other vehicle is a...
  20. Wolfpacker

    Finished project

    OK, since ya'll say it's slow on here, I'll post a project I finished a while back. I would have posted earlier, but after finishing it we were camping a good bit, I forgot about it and it pales in comparison to most of the fine work I see from other members. You may recall I posted earlier...

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