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    Jorgensen EZ hold 12 inch clamps on clearance

    $31.98 in Washington
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    Comment by 'daletx' in media 'TBoomz'

    Thanks for the hints. Found a guy in Greenville; I'll check with him after the weather settles. We're ok, weatherwise. On a creek, but 17 feet above it.
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    Comment by 'daletx' in media 'TBoomz'

    Where are y'all located? I'm looking for someone who might come to southern Beaufort County.
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    14 cast iron Delta Bandsaw

    Doug, I put my phone number in a private conversation. This sounds like what I'm looking for.
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    14 cast iron Delta Bandsaw

    Made in USA, or elsewhere? Where are you located?
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    Howdy, y'all

    OK, first a confession: I lied to get in. I don't *really* live in Edward, NC...yet...but I'm working on it. Please don't hate me for jumping the gun. I'm 65 years old, retired software developer from the University of Texas, and in the process of buying a house near Edward. I was looking...
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    Ted's Woodworking Videos/ DVD's

    Man, I gotta ask: what's the name of the special issue, and how far back was that? I wonder if those might be obtainable on ebay or somewhere. I'm new here, and just moving to the area. Y'all will hear more from me, as things develop. ;-)

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