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  1. EricS

    First Spoon carving

    Here is an eating spoon from river birch Small spoon. Still need to get the correct tools.
  2. EricS

    First Spoon carving

    I had a apple tree blow over this fall and finally got around to carving my First Spoon. I used my Cub Scout knife (I’m 49) and a small gouge for the hollow part. I probably will by a crook knife to finish it out. Not perfect but I like it. Thanks for looking, Eric
  3. EricS

    WTB Spoon Carving knives

    Definitely interested! Looking forward to your pics Thank you, Eric
  4. EricS

    WTB Spoon Carving knives

    Mike, They are on my list along with Pinewood Forge if I have to buy new. Thanks for the reply. Eric
  5. EricS

    WTB Spoon Carving knives

    Hey folks, may be a long shot but I’m looking for a decent crook knife and sloyd knife for carving spoons. I am just checking to see if anyone may have a set lying around that they may want to get rid of. Please shoot me a PM if you have something. Thanks, Eric
  6. EricS

    New Member from Sherrills Ford

    Hey Jeff, I live at the north end Sherrill’s Ford Rd. Send me a PM if you would like to stop by some day. I am usually home on the weekends. Eric S.
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    Recent work
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    Recent work
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    Recent work
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    Recent work
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    Recent work
  12. Rub rail

    Rub rail

  13. Rub rail

    Rub rail

  14. Rub rail

    Rub rail

  15. Rub rail

    Rub rail

  16. Duro


  17. Lathe headstock

    Lathe headstock

    Walker Turner
  18. EricS

    Need to reset my password

    Lucky for me google has remembered my password but I have not. I am trying to reset my password but I need to know my old password. Can you reset it for me? Thanks, EricS
  19. EricS

    Looking for Sapele

    The boat is fiberglass but the seats and console is mahogany. So I guess ipe won't be a good choice.
  20. EricS

    Looking for Sapele

    I'm finally getting around too replacing the mahogany in my Boston Whaler. I figured I could stand to go a little cheaper than "real" mahogany. I need at least 30-40 Bft 5/4. If you got any shoot me a PM with price and location within an hour of Hickory.

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