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    SOLD Rockwell/Delta 9" Table Saw with 4" Jointer - Great Condition!

    Thanks for the help. It now has a new home with Jeff (Cbranch).
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    SOLD Rockwell/Delta 9" Table Saw with 4" Jointer - Great Condition!

    Some interest but no offers. You are welcome to look at it. I am in South Raleigh area.
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    SOLD Rockwell/Delta 9" Table Saw with 4" Jointer - Great Condition!

    I need to find a good home for this Rockwell/Delta Table Saw with a 4" Jointer. This is in great working condition. If anything, it could use new belts. Also was in our Grandpa's shop and he used it gently and took great care of it. Model number is 34-600, and serial number is DV3935. If...
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    SOLD 12-1/2” Belsaw Planer $450

    Just sold the planer. Going to a good home where a 30 year Special Forces vet is building a shop near Southern Pines.
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    SOLD 12-1/2” Belsaw Planer $450

    Also found these shaper cutters that go with this unit. Don’t look like ever used.
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    SOLD 12-1/2” Belsaw Planer $450

    I have a short video clip of this planer working if someone can hep me post it.
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    SOLD 12-1/2” Belsaw Planer $450

    Should have a reply from me Ron
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    SOLD 12-1/2” Belsaw Planer $450

    My son and I separated the upper and lower sections to carry them out and load them. I would say each section weighs a shade over 100 lbs.
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    SOLD 12-1/2” Belsaw Planer $450

    Belsaw Planer model 9123 from estate of our grandfather, a long time woodworker. Always took great care of his tools. Features: -long infeed and outfeed tables to prevent snipe -3 HP motor, 215 frame, 1 phase/115-230V, 1755 rpm, currently wired for 230V -3 knife cutter head -can plane up to...
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    SawStop issue on dust accumulation limiting blade travel

    Thanks for the comments. It is the acrobatics of getting to the screw to clean that makes this a bit of a pain. Plus, you almost can’t help but get a faceful of dust in the process. I use a shop-vac connected to the dust shroud under the blade on the saw. Maybe not 100% of the time, but...
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    SawStop issue on dust accumulation limiting blade travel

    I have a SawStop contractor saw. After a few projects, I’ve noticed the blade won’t lower beneath the table. Some investigation shows that dust accumulation in the vertical and angle threaded rods prevents full travel. So i got my shop-vac and cleaned from above and below, but still didn’t...
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    To Sawstop or not to Sawstop

    I spent the extra money for the SawStop for the safety features alone. I have the 1.75 HP contractor saw and it was a big step up from my direct drive Delta saw. Happy with the performance and the quality of my saw. It does have a few annoying things about it that might or might not be on the...
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    Router questions

    I put a router in my table saw extension too. For years I used a Craftsman plunge router. But recently I bought a almost never used Porter Cable router and a Jessem Rout r lift. Only used it a few times, but the control of depth is very welcome. So my set up was about $300 total. BTW -...
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    Repurposing a small Cedar tree

    You know how you see something and think "I can do something with that!" Four weeks ago I had a dead cedar tree standing in the woods behind my house. Not large, maybe 5-6 inch diameter at the base. Three weeks ago my son cut down the cedar because he had just sharpened his chain saw and...
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    Chestnut boxes

    Been working on these boxes for a while. The chestnut came from my grandfather's house in West Virginia. It was being torn down and I was able to pick up just a few pieces. From what my dad tells me, this chestnut was used on a house built in the early 1900's then reused for this house that...
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    SawStop Customer Service

    My SawStop CNS175 decided to stop running yesterday, after running just fine on Sunday. Blade would just barely move when turned on and within 2-3 seconds would trip either thermal overload on saw or the 20A breaker powering the outlet. Submitted an email to SawStop support site at 7 this...
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    Delta Contractor Saw - Outfeed table?

    Adam - I just saw this thread. Congrats on the Uni and the T2 fence. I really like my T2 fence. It is solid and the outfeed end doesn't move even when you are putting sideways pressure on it. You might have to drill some new holes in the fence rails to match your table, I had to do that with...
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    Disston D20 Circa 1911

    I stopped by the flea market in Siler City again and picked up this saw for a song. After some work to clean the blade and see the etch, I can see part of the large "D", but I am stuggling to see the number inside. I am reasonably sure I can see a "zero" and research at leads me...
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