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    State of the Site(s) message

    And a big Thank You to YOU for all the work you and other volunteers do, and have done, in making this such a great site.
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    Corian Sink

    Probably not enough for "resurfacing", but we have found Barkeeps Friend to be great for maintaining Corian sinks and countertops. It seems to be mildly abrasive so it takes care of small scratches on the surface and giving a consistent soft appearance. We have used it for years. Pick it up...
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    Mike (and Gator) I have learned after 10 years of fighting the "monster" that the best approach is "Illegitimi non carborundum" My best wished to both of you. Ray
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    Hillbilly glue press

    "... tipped off a new gallon of white paint that busted open when it hit the floor ..." GREAT SHADES OF DAVEO!! At lest it was not pink.:rolleyes:
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    Cross-country moving costs for ww equipment

    My experience with furniture long-distance moves is that regardless of the company, it's a crap shoot controlled by the driver that gets your load. Thankfully I managed to sell my entire shop to a retiring neighbor prior to our move out here. I will point out that one of the few Grizzly...
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    Picked up some of my old equipment 15 years later

    No wood dust on the floor? Should have them working by now. Great family. Ray
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    Copyrighted materials

    My undying thanks to our web workers for dealing with such as this. Ray
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    Largest all wooden structure?

    When the wing fuel tanks were empty it was normal for one of the "training wheels" to be well up in the air. Moving a few pounds of fuel from one side to the other would allow balancing the load so that little weight would be on either side. I don't remember the dimensions, but the main gear...
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    Memorial Day Concert from US Capital Lawn - Sunday, May 26, 8:00 PM

    News is reporting that this is the last year for Rolling Thunder. Said the $200K spent on it could be better used for vets elsewhere. Report said most went to pentagon for security/parking lots/toilets. Sad to hear. It would send chills to watch.
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    Expired Security Certificate??

    Safari browser warning, in the very fine print, had an option to "go ahead anyway if you want to take the chance." Things look good now. Ray
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    Expired Security Certificate??

    Browser says your certificate has expired.
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    2019 Raffle Results and Data

    Ken, Jeremy, and all the others behind the scenes. Thanks for all your work in making this work. And for the work on keeping NCWW the great site. Ray
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    Mini-Split dripping water inside

    David, I would be inclined to move the DC as far away from the HVAC as possible, and add a room air filter in between. Either one of the expensive name-brand types or one made from an old furnace fan. Keep the filter on the HVAC cleaned regularly. It is hard with a mini-split parked next to...
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    Day 50 of the Raffle

    It worked okay, kinda, for me yesterday. It took a couple of false starts/restarts. Not sure if it was me or the software. Seemed harder than earlier years. But, then, I'm getting older.;)
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    Bruce's bandsaw dust collection tip in WOOD mag

    Hey! A kid that young must be a new user.
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    Blanket ladder

    David, It looks good. Myself, I'm partial to dark stains that still show the grain. I'm sure I'm out of touch with current trends, but have never seen the purpose of a blanket ladder. But if that is what she wanted, you done good Ray
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    Wine glass rack

    Very nice. What did you use for finish? Ray
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    Fretwork box

    WOW! Just WOW!
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    I am not sure if this is the correct place for this, but if not please move it. This was passed to me and I want to share it with all of you. I do not know how to cut off the following extra videos, but I hope most of you will appreciate the first one as much as I did. Turns out he has an...
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    Craftsman 22116 Granite Tablesaw

    In an earlier life I used to understand watts/amps/volts/resistance/impedance. Not so much any more. But I did have a Delta Hybrid table saw and a Delta dust collector that were purchased new, wired for 120. I rewired them for 240, and using the original equipment wire (just changed the plug)...

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