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    Expired Security Certificate??

    Browser says your certificate has expired.
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    I am not sure if this is the correct place for this, but if not please move it. This was passed to me and I want to share it with all of you. I do not know how to cut off the following extra videos, but I hope most of you will appreciate the first one as much as I did. Turns out he has an...
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    Shop Planning Tools

    My neighbor retires next year and is planning to re-do his garage to incorporate space for some serious shop tools. I recall that some time ago there was a thread suggesting such planning tools. And I can not remember the details or find the post. I know that sketch up is used by lots of...
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    Non-Ethenol Gas in Raleigh

    For those needing/wanting non-ethenol gasoline for small, or other, engines, the new BP station on Glenwood Avenue near Pleasant Valley (used to be an EXXON station, but was torn down and re-built - kinda across Glenwood from Woodcraft) has a separate hose on each pump for non-ethenol gas, 89...
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    Thread Listings in Bold ONLY

    In the last few days (actually, today only) I see that all threads are listed in BOLD print. In the past only the unread ones were so noted. Has something changed or have I managed to again screw something up?:confused: Thanks, Ray
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    DC Canister Source Needed

    I have a Delta 50-760 dust collector with the original bag filter. Its collection capacity is great for my needs, but I want to replace the bag with a more efficient/effective canister filter. So far I have only found mail-order Wynn filters as a possible replacement. Does anyone know of any...
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    Oxygen In The Shop (revisited)

    Tarhead Corporate Member DQNicknameMarkJoin DateNov 2005LocationConcord, NCPosts2,890Visit Freq:6.22 visits/week Re: Oxygen in the Shop?Here's what you need: What the Trend system should be. Mark, Thanks for the link to Airware...
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    Floating Menu Missing

    I found the setting for displaying the floating menu and checked it to do so. However, I get no menu. Will it return? Apologies if I missed a thread explaining this. Thanks for all the work,:notworthy: Ray
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    Stopping the boing

    Just starting getting the "boing" (I guess from the chat window) this morning. Tried to turn it off in the "settings" section (just selecting the correct button), and got the following message when I attempted to save the settings change: vBulletin MessageYou did not enter the correct format...
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    Some Cute Kiddie Designs

    Here's a web site a Friend from up north sent me. It's not too early to start on Christmas presents:D
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    Unable to access Classifieds

    Get a "You do not have permission" message
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    Use for Plastic Tubing

    Having lost a recent bout with pneumonia:wsad:, it appears I will be on oxygen for the foreseeable future. It seems the tubing associated with this is considered to be "consumable" and requires periodic replacement. Once replaced, the oxygen supply company has no use for it. As a result, I...
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    Oxygen in the Shop?

    Having lost a major bout with pneumonia, I will be on supplemental oxygen for the foreseeable future. Does anyone have any experience with dealing with this in the shop? Specifically, does anyone know of a good respirator that allows an oxygen input? I need to find a way to keep the dust out...
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    CPO Sale on Scroll Saw

    CPO Workshop has a 4-day sale. SAVE AN EXTRA 15% OFF* this President's Day weekend! Instructions: Enter coupon code prez15 on the billing page of checkout. Hurry, this incredible offer ends Monday, Feb. 21st *Offer not valid on reconditioned items. Discount applied to merchandise total...
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    Missing Ad??

    I just noticed that there is no Woodcraft ad along the side. Did they drop their sponsorship?:icon_scra Wonderingly, Ray
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    Great TREND Support

    I've got a Trend Air Shield Pro and managed to break the plastic headband.:embaresse In looking for a replacement I first tried Google and found one for about $40. Since I did not know the selling company, I searched for, and found, the Trend web site. Although they offered several...
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    New (to me) Delta Scroll Saw

    Stopped by Woodcraft to look at the DeWalt 788 scroll saw. It was parked next to a Delta 40-690. They appear to differ only in paint color and decals. Oh, the Delta was $50 more but included stand and light (DeWalt options at about $120). Anyone have experience with the Delta? Are they...
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    Beginners Scroll Saw Recommendations

    I tried scrolling a couple of years ago and discovered that I have neither the eyesight nor the motivation for it. However, I have a youngster :gar-Bi visiting in the spring who would like to explore using one. I'm asking for purchase recommendations for a saw with enough capability to allow...
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    Another Wooden Auto

    Well, it is made mostly out of wood and it has North Carolina tags. It MUST be another NC Woodworker.:eusa_clap This was sent to me by a friend from out of state. Anyone know where in NC this is? Is it one of our members? If not, probably should be.
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    Lost Threads

    I just tried to access the "click here for more!" items in the Upcoming Events at the top of the "Home" page. All three of the current ones result in "Page Not Found" messages. :help:?? Thanks Ray

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