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    Delta LA200 midi lathe and bed extension. $425

    Delta LA200 midi lathe and bed extension (bed extension is new in box never used). Asking $425, Located on Cabarrus County side of Davidson, NC. If I had to guess I would say this lathe has turned between 10-15 pens in total use. Chuck pictured is not included. I am willing to let chuck and...
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    Completed Project: Baby Cradle

    Finally finished a new project. I haven't had much time for woodworking in a while, but with a new one on the way, it was the perfect opportunity. This is a "knock down" style cradle. It was made from black walnut and finished with Danish Oil! A special thanks to Mark E for helping me find...
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  6. Baby Cradle

    Baby Cradle

    Baby Cradle
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    Looking for WOOD magazine #85 (From 1996) With Templates

    Looking for WOOD magazine #85 (From 1996) With Templates. If anyone has one in and or around the Charlotte area let me know. Would like to make sure the full size template insert is there. Let me know if you can help.
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    Coffee Table and End Table Complete

    I don't have many pics while under construction. It was all mortise and tenon, and some dado type joinery as well. Top is attached via a "sliding dado" type deal if that makes sense, that allows for movement. I "piston fit" the drawers......found a method that works, but not convinced it was the...
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    Coffee Table and End Table Complete

    Been a two month long process as I have little free time to work on these, but finally complete! A big thanks to Colin (InteriorWoodWorks) who helped me flatten the top of the coffee table. These were made out of cherry (stained with gel stain.......sacriledge i know, but the wife had to have...
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    Need a little Sanding Help

    Big thanks to Colin who helped me flatten the top today. Great guy! Thanks again!
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    Need a little Sanding Help

    Scott I truly appreciate the offer. Router sled may be way to go. I do have one other option that may pan out. Will keep you guys posted.
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    Need a little Sanding Help

    Guys, Been quite a while since I have a couple years...but been slammed with work, and what free time I do have I try to spend out in the shop. At any rate....I could use some help flattening a coffee table top about 23"x46". I would be more than happy to pay someone for...
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    Raffle ticket numbers

    PM Sent.
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    Fall 2009 Raffle

    Found it never mind!
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    Fall 2009 Raffle

    I must be having one of those days. I am having trouble figuring out how to purchase tickets online. Can anyone help? Could it be a firefox issue?
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    2 log buildings for sale, new shop?

    Cost of the building is one thing, but cost of moving them is another. It won't be cheap unless you live around the corner.
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    Where can I buy A&H Washing Soda

    Anyone know where I can buy Arm and Hammer washing soda locally? Its for an electrolysis setup.
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    3/4" Acetal Rod - Local Source in Cornelius

    Are these in place of using metal bushings or something?

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