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    Delta LA200 midi lathe and bed extension. $425

    Delta LA200 midi lathe and bed extension (bed extension is new in box never used). Asking $425, Located on Cabarrus County side of Davidson, NC. If I had to guess I would say this lathe has turned between 10-15 pens in total use. Chuck pictured is not included. I am willing to let chuck and...
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    Completed Project: Baby Cradle

    Finally finished a new project. I haven't had much time for woodworking in a while, but with a new one on the way, it was the perfect opportunity. This is a "knock down" style cradle. It was made from black walnut and finished with Danish Oil! A special thanks to Mark E for helping me find...
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    Looking for WOOD magazine #85 (From 1996) With Templates

    Looking for WOOD magazine #85 (From 1996) With Templates. If anyone has one in and or around the Charlotte area let me know. Would like to make sure the full size template insert is there. Let me know if you can help.
  4. J

    Coffee Table and End Table Complete

    Been a two month long process as I have little free time to work on these, but finally complete! A big thanks to Colin (InteriorWoodWorks) who helped me flatten the top of the coffee table. These were made out of cherry (stained with gel stain.......sacriledge i know, but the wife had to have...
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    Need a little Sanding Help

    Guys, Been quite a while since I have a couple years...but been slammed with work, and what free time I do have I try to spend out in the shop. At any rate....I could use some help flattening a coffee table top about 23"x46". I would be more than happy to pay someone for...
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    Where can I buy A&H Washing Soda

    Anyone know where I can buy Arm and Hammer washing soda locally? Its for an electrolysis setup.
  7. J

    Penn State vs. Beall Buff System?

    Has anyone heard any feedback on the Penn State Industries version of the Beaull Buff system? I can't imagine them being that different at all. They are really not much more than a multiple buffing wheels.
  8. J

    Sweet Deal...and I mean sweet!!

    Here is the Tiger Sheppach Sharpener on sale at amazon for 131 ish right now. This Sharpener is almost the same as the Tormek. I can personally vouch for it as I have...
  9. J

    Nicholson #49 and #50 Rasps on Sale!

    Jamestown Distributors has the Nicholson #49 and #50 Rasps on sale right now. The link is here. Orders of $100 also get free shipping. Might be time to team up with a buddy who needs a set to take advantage of the shipping...
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    Drawer Slides Source

    Anyone have a good source for quality drawer slides? I may have asked this before, but am just getting around to actually picking up some. They are just for shop cabs, but I am pretty sure I can get a quality slide elsewhere for what the borg wants for the cheap ones.
  11. J

    Drilling on Lathe Help?

    Can someone provide me with some good information on drilling on the lathe.....I am having issues when I try to do this. I've always drilled everything out on the drill press, but would like things to be a little more precise at times. I chuck up my blank, and have my drill chuck in the tail...
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    Ok This Is The Deal Of The Week!

    Ok guys this is probably one of the best deals I have seen in a while. While it is not the Tormek, it is still German made and very similar. The only difference is that the grinding wheel is just slightly smaller than the grinding wheel on the Tormek. But here it is. You honestly cannot beat the...
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    CA Finishin - Best Method

    Here is my dilema with turning pens using a CA finish. If apply the CA with a latex glove I always seem to get ripples.....maybe I am applying to much pressure when I apply the finish? If I use a paper towel, Even after 6 coats of CA, I almost instantly sand through even with 800 grit. I am...
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    Well........will have a new addition to the shop

    I went and purchased another craftsman tool, or crapsman as you many of you would call it. But sears had a deal on the 22104 14" bandsaw. Got it for $319. I have yet to read a bad review about this bandsaw, and it appears to be very close to the rikon. The craftsman does have a few added...
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    Jointer Blade Guard

    Does anyone know where I can buy a universal jointer blade guard. It seems the guy I bought my jointer from thought the blade guard was not needed, and can no longer find it. It is an 8" jointer. Personally, I don't feel to comfortable using it without the guard, even if I am being extra careful.
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    Starrett Deals on Ebay!

    Here are some pretty good deals on some Starrett items on ebay. In particular the 50' Tape, and the 6" scales. Might be worth checking out if you are in need of any items like that.
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    Drawer Slides?

    Anyone know what the most cost effective route is to get drawer slides for shop cabinets? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to spend more on slides than the cabinet.
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    Frued 3-1/4 HP Router Deal!

    Here is the Frued 3-1/4 HP Router Deal at amazon for $110. Not a bad price if any of you guys are in need. - Brandon
  19. J

    Finally Pictures! Craft Desk I Built

    These are pictures of the Craft Desk I built back around Christmas time. I'll only include links to the photos since they are a little large. This desk was requested to be a desk, that could be worked on standing up or sitting on a stool. Here are a couple pics. Its just simple dado case...
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    Leather Apron

    I know some people have expressed the want or need for a shop apron. This looks like it might be pretty durable at a reasonable price. Its actually a welders apron, but its made out of leather. What are your thoughts...

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