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  1. Yelverton

    Finished my new Moravian workbench

    Well, almost finished. Still need to build the tool tray, add end vise, add dog holes, trim the ends of the top and cut up some material for the lower shelf. Doesn't seem like much after using mostly hand tools to build what you see here. We're going to be moving early next year, so I wanted...
  2. Yelverton

    Need advice on vise restoration

    Good morning, all. I'm working on restoring an old 10" Craftsman vise and looking for some advice on next steps. Here's what I've done so far: 1. Scrub off surface grit/grease 2. Soak in vinegar for 24 hours 3. Scrub off rust with brass and steel wire brushes 4. Return to vinegar for additional...
  3. Yelverton

    Second hand Rousseau router lift question

    This weekend I picked up a few things from an estate sale and I'm hoping someone can help with getting one them up and running. The item is an older Craftsman router with an attached Rousseau router plate/lift. Everything is in good shape, but I couldn't find the wrench for the height...
  4. Yelverton

    How to bevel the edge of a circle?

    Good afternoon, all. My first post-holiday project is a lazy susan. Pretty straightforward, but there's one wrinkle - I want to bevel the edge inward toward the bottom of the disc, kind of a Reese's Cup shape. See side-profile picture attached. I cant quite come up with a safe and reasonable way...
  5. Yelverton

    Tenoning jig miter slot fitment

    So I recently picked up a (very lightly) used Delta tenoning jig from a fellow woodworker. It's in great shape, but I've run into one issue - the steel runner is slightly too wide to fit into the miter slots on my table saw. The runner is attached from the top of the jig with two screws which I...
  6. Yelverton

    Hardware for attaching french cleat to wall

    All, I recently finished up a large wall-hanging media center cabinet that will hang on the wall on a french cleat. I'm going to install it tomorrow and need to get some hardware for attaching the cleat to the wall. The piece is 8' wide, 20" tall, and 20" deep. I'm guessing that the fully loaded...
  7. Yelverton

    Well, my jig slipped.

    Okay, I'm looking for advice on fixing a mistake. When using my exact width dado jig, the clamp slipped on one end and I ended up wounding the panel. The piece is walnut ply and I've put a maple panel in the dado just for clarity. Any suggestions on how to fix it? This will be inside the cabinet...
  8. Yelverton

    Plywood banding clamping suggestions?

    All, I'm working on putting together a wall-hanging media center and I'm trying to figure out the best technique for applying hardwood edge banding on the ends of the long pieces. The top and bottom of my piece are ~90" long walnut ply panels that need to be banded on the short ends (~20")...
  9. Yelverton

    Hello from Durham!

    Good afternoon to all - I'm a long-time lurker here but this is my first post. I'll be able to attend the picnic this year, so I figured it made sense to introduce myself. I've been woodworking for about 10 years but I put together my first dedicated shop last winter, so I've been excited to...

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