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  1. karlkoch

    Aged Oak "basket bowl"

    I've combined the various techniques that I've been playing with lately. Shouldered oak bowl - turned and sanded to 180 grit then cut with parting tool on inside and indexed router jig on the outside to make the "basket" effect. Sandblasted to accentuate grain and create texture then ebonized...
  2. karlkoch

    Playing around with pyrography on turned pieces.

    I've started making my own pyrography pen tips out of nichrome wire and playing around with embellishing my turned pieces. Here are a couple of early results. I'm also using paint washes in the texture created by the pyro pen. The first 3 are made from cypress and the bowl on the gold lame...
  3. karlkoch

    Changing Privacy of a media "Album"

    I cannot figure out how to change the privacy on my media "album" so that others can see the contents. Can I change an existing album or do I have to start over again? Thanks! Karl
  4. karlkoch

    December 7 - NCFS Woodturning Club meeting in Farmville

    You are invited to join us for the NCFS (North Carolina Furniture School) Woodturning Club's December meeting in Farmville, NC on Saturday, December 7 at 9AM. We meet the first Saturday of each month at the new location of the NCFS...3749 W Wilson St, Farmville, NC 27828 and we have a different...
  5. karlkoch

    Would appreciate advice from Robust Sweet 16 owners...WTB my first lathe

    I am planning on buying my first lathe and have decided on the Robust Sweet 16 ( could talk me out of it, I guess.) I think that most of my turning will be bowls, platters, and "art" as opposed to spindle turning but it's hard to say what direction this hobby will take. I am curious...
  6. karlkoch

    Newbie in New Bern

    Greetings y'all! Although I have been creating a variety of "stuff" all my life, I am new to fine-er woodworking and lathe turning. I'm in the middle of a red oak and sapele table at "Shop Class" in New Bern (a rental workshop). They have a Grizzly G0766 lathe at Shop Class and I've turned a...

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