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  1. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    The Beast

    Check out my blog post on the history of the beast!
  2. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    For Sale - Powermatic 3520b lathe with outboard turning extension

    I haven't had time to clean this lathe up but it runs great. It was my first big lathe. I bought it in 2008 or 2009. It has been a trusty friend. $2900.00 including outboard turning extension. . $2900.00 including outboard turning extension. Steve Sanders Sanders Woodworking
  3. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    Cleaning house, housekeeping and rearranging!

    You may have noticed several items for sale from my shop the last few days. I've been going through a major overhaul in the shop. I've installed my new compressor complete with automatic drain, oil/water separator and filter. I just installed 170' of clamp together metal duct to all major...
  4. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    SOLD - Porter Cable 6 HP 80 Gallon tank 175psi 15.6 SCFM@ 100psi 240 volt single phase

    Sells new for $1500. Very good condition. Sale price $700.00. I got a new 120 gallon 10 HP compressor and no longer need this one.
  5. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    SOLD Powermatic 3520b lathe with outboard turning extension (pics now included) SOLD

    I am selling one of my lathes. It is almost new with only has 30 or so hours on it. It comes complete and has the outboard turning extension. $3200.00 firm. A new one on Amazon with the outboard turning extension is $4300.00. Pics below Pictures soon.
  6. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    Custom Saw Milling

    I have a Wood Mizer LT40HD saw mill and am doing some small jobs for friends and neighbors. Though it is portable, I am not. I have it set up in my new shop extension. I really do not want to saw "yard trees" so please don't ask me to do that "just this once". You need to bring me the logs...
  7. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    Woodcraft Bands

    John from Woodcraft Bands called me. He's having a hard time due to the pandemic. He desperately needs orders for bandsaw blades. He's 73 and contemplating shutting down his business because it's so slow. Please support John and buy what you need, I've bought hundreds of bandsaw blades from...
  8. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    Woodturning Classes

    It is fast approaching the March 3rd and March 10th woodturning classes at my shop in Mount Ulla. The below are signed up. mquan01 - Mike Rick_b - Rick 3/3 golfdad - Dirk 3/3 jgpncll - Jeremy 3/10 Bear Republic - Steve 3/3 Darryl 3/3 Barnes 3/10 Ted 3/10 Raymond 3/10 Things to bring if you...
  9. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    Retiring to full time woodworker

    After 36 years as a field sales engineer selling industrial air pollution control systems primarily to steel and lead smelters, I am taking "early" retirement next Friday. I am 67 3/4 years old. I always said I would work until I was 70. I have worked 7 days a week since 2009. At least...
  10. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    Woodturning Classes

    I will be teaching woodturning in my shop in Mt. Ulla, NC next year. The first class is green bowl turning. I have a new PM3520C, two PM3520B's. one PM4224, one Vicmark and one Jet mini. The first class is an all day affair. I can accept 5 students. It will be held in late February or early...
  11. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    How do I post a new item in the classifieds?

    Can't find the place to post a new classified ad. Where do I go?
  12. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    My lucky month

    Yesterday I checked my stats on my ETSY website. I average about 100 views a day in the off season (non-holiday). Yesterday I had 1139 views. Either there was a mistake or something happened that brought so many new people to my site. I went on the ETSY forum and asked if anyone might know...
  13. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    Mystery Tool Arrives

    First things first, it was my birthday last Sunday. To make sure I got exactly what I wanted, I ordered it myself. Today, an ABF tractor trailor showed up. Thankfully I have forks on my tractor bucket so I unloaded it and brought it to my shop (I didn't make him back all the way, 7/10ths of a...
  14. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    Shop expansion - The process begins

    Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, Tony Morrison, my son's new father-in-law, started the foundation for my shop expansion. I am adding a 36' by 48' building with 12' ceilings to my existing 36' by 48' shop. We had to haul in 7 tri-axle loads of dirt to raise the subgrade. Here it is loking back...
  15. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    New grandson on the way.

    Just got a text from my youngest daughter, she's on the way to the hospital. Looks like my new grandson, Micah, is ready to come into the world today.
  16. Sanders Fine Woodworking


    I think the stars are finally in alignment to get my "new to me" tools from Asheville this weekend. Stephen and I will travel to Asheville to retrieve my Vicmark lathe , Agazzani bandsaw and Jet dust collector. The Jet will go home with Stephen for helping me with the other 1800 lb load. We...
  17. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    One of a Kind Show & Sale Chicago, December 1-4, 2011,

    I was just notified that I have been juried and accepted to be one of only 25 ETSY Artists in the ETSY Emerging Artists Pavillion at the One of a Kind Show & Sale in Chicago, December 1-4, 2011. I am excited, thrilled, beside myself. Attendance is 55,000 over the 4 days. Whoa! Guess I better...
  18. Sanders Fine Woodworking


    Made this yesterday. I've always known what I wanted to make with this odd-shaped burl cap. Finally put the time in. View image in gallery
  19. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    Visitors today

    Amy Dowden met Shamrock (Mike Mckee) and his lovely wife at my shop today to do some trading. We had a nice visit and talked about the business of making wood stuff for a living. Mike's wife left with a new bowl. Thanks guys. Sorry, I know, no pics, didn't happen.
  20. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    Natural edge birdseye maple bowl

    I turned this little natural edge birdseye maple bowl a couple weeks ago. It has great figure and color.

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