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  1. mquan01

    and some more wood id please

    This has an orangish color when finished
  2. mquan01

    Need some wood ID'ed please

    Need some assistance...
  3. mquan01

    Clearing out the scrap pile

    A friend of ours asked us to make a little food pantry cutting board A possible new key chain (if we ever get back to doing outreach) shaped like a lighthouse sort of Butter boards for Xmas gifts (from an old Wood Magazine design) Poplar serving tray
  4. mquan01

    What kind of caulk is this?

    Does anyone know what kind of caulk this is?
  5. mquan01

    Charlotte stuff for sale

    The usual, not mine, don't know they guy etc. Talked to Mark. he is going to get more pics and prices on Saturday. He is actually located in Kannapolis. Facebook Marketplace: Wood working shop - Tools - Charlotte, North Carolina Tools For Sale in Charlotte, North Carolina | Facebook...
  6. mquan01

    Plastic sheets

    If anyone going to Hickory Saturday wants some of this let me know 1/4" clear (2.00 each) 12 x 16 - 5 pcs 18 x 14 - 1 pc 9 x 17 - 1 pc 3/8" clear (2.00 each) 18 x 14 pc 3/8" smoked (10.00 each) 18 x 65 - 4 pcs The smoked glass may be a little beat up, so they aren't usable for...
  7. mquan01

    Estate sale charlotte area

    In Charlotte area. Not mine, etc. Thios is most old iron Sears/Craftsman. The scroll saw has a very deep throat. There are two table saws, three of the bases, two are still in boxes (pic 3) 1421 brittle creek drive, matthews
  8. mquan01

    Charlotte area wood supplier

    I located a new supplier in Charlotte. His name is Rodney Atwell. he can be reached by calling 704-491-3118. He is in the process of moving his wood to 3316 North Tryon. Because of that, he is currently selling off a bunch of slabs, which he has in two other locations. To see his supply, go to...
  9. mquan01

    Charlotte hsbitat on wendover

    Unisaw 350 Shaper 250 Sander 150
  10. mquan01

    6" Jorgey clamps for 20

    Just found this at Lowes for 20 bucks
  11. mquan01

    From our facebook page

    My friends have a warehouse (I believe actually a warehouse and a half) of Drexel furniture - some pieces are complete - some boxes contain table tops, pedestals and legs. There are several armoires that list on Drexel's site for 12,000 - they are selling them for 100 (They aren't used but have...
  12. mquan01

    When Craigslist gives you free wood

    You need to make a bowl from it. I let it sit outside for a year before I cut it into a blank. I have 7 pieces of tree to cut up. Hope they all look as nice as this one
  13. mquan01

    Need some math help

    I am to old to remember how this is done, so hopefully someone else can.. I have a 13" diameter circle in which I want I want 15 equal slices (24 degrees each). What is a good way to determine the layout (please show your work to get extra credit):confused: Thanks in advance
  14. mquan01

    Graduation 2018

    This years crop of graduates. I make one of these for all my nieces and nephews and a few select family friends.
  15. mquan01

    This years Christmas gifts

    All made from scraps :)
  16. mquan01

    What is the best way to remove router burn on an inside corner

    This is about a 7/8" radius, solid maple. I spent about 15 minutes on it and got nowhere. What would be a good way to clean this up? I tried a Dremel sanding disk, but that didn't make any impact either.
  17. mquan01

    big logs free - wish I owned a sawmill

    The usual, not mine, etc, etc, etc. It looks like he sealed the ends...... Got 20-30 logs that i need gone asap! Logs range from sizes of 2ft-3.5ft All logs are 12-16ft long Thay are all oak and poplar! Thousands of dollars in lumber...
  18. mquan01

    Gum for light sabers?

    I have a neighbor cutting down 3 gum trees. Can this be used for light saber blanks? I know I saw a thread about the best wood for these, but can't seem to locate it.
  19. mquan01

    Bandsaw and lathe

    Saw this in my neighborhood facebook page. If anyone is interested let me know and I will IM the seller Bandsaw and lathe $3,000 Charlotte, NC (28215) we are relocating to Granite falls NC I'm scaling down to a benchtop lathe. The Grizzly 17" bandsaw and powermatic 3520 lathe are up for...
  20. mquan01

    Free Oak slab in Mint Hill 1 2 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) size / dimensions: 6'x40"x20" Left over slab from cutting up large oak tree. See pics - measures approximately 6' long x 40" wide and at it's thickest point is about 20"...

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