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  1. Mrfixit71

    Tai Chi Ball

    My son has a side business of making martial arts practice weapons, mostly out of white oak, and often gets asked about other woodworking projects, like cutting boards, charcuterie boards, recently was asked about a tai chi ball. Since he doesn't do much turning and I mostly turn bowls, I said...
  2. Mrfixit71

    Wanted: Oneway Bowl Coring System

    I have a Powermatic 3520B and am looking for a Oneway Easy Core System that is no longer needed by a turner.
  3. Mrfixit71

    Looking for Ebony

    My son is looking for 1 piece of ebony 5/4 x 5" x 50". He tried The Hardwood Store and a place in Raleigh (not sure which one) with no luck. Anyone have a piece like this or know who might have one?
  4. Mrfixit71

    Farm and Woodworking Tool Auction - Graham

    Some old wooden planes, drawknives, spokeshaves, handsaws, and power tools.
  5. Mrfixit71

    Bowl Coring tools

    I'm thinking about investing in a coring tool. What are you using, what are the pros and cons? Recommendations? I have a Powermatic 3520B, and often have blanks in the 12-18" size range.
  6. Mrfixit71

    Powder Post Beetle attack?

    I've seen the little piles of powder from PPB and followed many threads on this site. I have a beech log that came from a tree that died last fall at a friend's place. I wanted to try turning some bowls from beech. I cut the piece and painted the ends with Anchorseal on June 16, and stored it...
  7. Mrfixit71

    Outdoor Cooking Island

    I'm going to build an outdoor island for a built-in propane gas grill and a Big Green Egg. Size will be approximately 10'x3'. I'm planning on building it with 18 ga. exterior metal studs and durarock, with a tile top and stucco exterior. It will sit on my patio, which is 5" concrete...
  8. Mrfixit71

    Powermatic Lathe Sale

  9. Mrfixit71

    Change to Military Discount at Lowes

    Went to Lowes yesterday to pick up some electrical odds & ends. When I checked out and showed my military ID, the cashier handed me a piece of paper explaining that I could add 'military' to my 'My Lowes' account. Once you do that, the next time you buy something, they verify your military...
  10. Mrfixit71

    Which metal detector to buy?

    A metal detector has been on my wish list for a while. Now I have a chance to get some reclaimed wood from an old building, but know the timbers and boards will have some nails or other metal in them, so it is the justification for getting one. Suggestions on which one to buy?
  11. Mrfixit71

    Estate Auction

    Looks like some old tools, power tools, dust collection, etc.
  12. Mrfixit71

    Shoulder Plane

    I've decided that it's time to purchase a medium (3/4") shoulder plane and am looking at Lie-Nielsen vs. Veritas. I'd rather not spend that much money but I only want to buy it once. I'd appreciate comments on these or others.
  13. Mrfixit71

    Another delinquent

    I'm one of the many who needs to tell you "Who I am". I've been a member here for 6 years. My career has revolved around design, construction, operations and maintenance of buildings. I'm retired from Coast Guard, and still working as a project manager and teaching Primavera scheduling...
  14. Mrfixit71

    Must have been a full moon

    Another granddaughter born this week. My first grandchild, and born on my birthday Wednesday. What better birthday present could you get? Rich
  15. Mrfixit71

    15% off on router bits

    Just received this via email from Woodworkers Supply. You must access the site on this link and it's only good thru 1/11. From what I can tell, it applies to all brands that they carry. Rich
  16. Mrfixit71

    Best Plunge Router

    I thought I'd take advantage of some of the sales, and a xmas gift certificate, to get a new plunge router. I have a Milwaukee 5625 in my router table, so I'm wondering if I should get another 3+ hp plunge router, or if a 2+ hp router will work just as well. Recommendations for manufacturers...

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