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    Replacement windows

    Excellent to have this cross-brand knowledge. That is hard to gain as a consumer. Thanks for the write-up - as we consider this project, for our home, and while this is something I expect I can do myself, this is VERY helpful info.
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    RDU CL - wood workers bench - $140 (chapel hill)

    EDIT - gone so presumably SOLD - end EDIT not mine, not endorsing... Posted on CL about 8 AM Monday morning Henry __________________________ wood workers bench - tools - by owner - sale wood workers bench - $140 (chapel hill) condition...
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    fuji semi-pro two

    Thanks Phil
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    fuji semi-pro two

    Hey Phil - what range of products do you shoot with that gun? I have the Spray-it 33000 gun that you have recommended, but of course latex is a challenge. Does the Devilbus gun handle SW Pro Classic (the acrylic enamel) paint well? I need to do about 8 doors for a client and the right gun...
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    Abandon my chop saw?

    I'm with Tim on this one. I don't have my Miter saw set up in station, but it is my primary cross cut tool. I do have and use my TS cross cut sled, but primarily for small pieces that would be too close/dangerous with a MS.
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    Delta Table Saw for Sale

    CL post deleted by author, presumably SOLD
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    Thickness Planer - $125 (Wilmington)

    I have the Belsaw plated version of that planer. That is a steal for $125. Not an exceptionally wide planer (12 ish inches), but it will outlast anyone here.
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    Delta jointer with Shelix

    CL post deleted by author - presumably SOLD
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    Completed Cabinet with hidden drawers

    Agree with Bruce, even though I am still not certain I can visualize the mechanism. Did you take any pics in process that might show these ramps? Love this type of hidden storage.
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    Wanted: Table Saw and/or Table Planer

    I see in your info that you list Cary - so 'close to here' means in Cary or Triangle or .... ? Depending on your needs/wants, CL and FB are decent sources - but you need both patience (to find what you are looking for) and the ability to act quickly once it becomes available. TSaws certainly...
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    Lucky Lottery Ticket

    Congratulations. We're only 20 years back of that mark, but hope to make it!
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    Free Fine Woodworking library

    yes I am definitely interested. I'm in Raleigh
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    Large Planer Service

    Hey Louie. It would help to know where you are, so that we could provide more local advice (assuming you don't want to drive cross-state to do this). Second, planing full size table tops is not typically done (in my view). Many surface portions, then glue up the larger piece, achieving close...
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    Woodworking tools - $1000 (Charlottesville)

    CL Post deleted by author - presumabl;y sold.
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    Sunbeam LED Light

    I too have used these, and love them. Not perfect of course; I mounted one above my BS and it's great there, with just a spring clamp on the base to hold it onto the BS. Also have a movable one - and one over the lathe. Flex neck isn't really long enough for over the lathe, but for the price...
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    RDU CL - Jet 10” Contractor Saw - $275 (Raleigh)

    EDIT - " This posting has been deleted by its author." Presumably SOLD, at least no longer listed on CL. End EDIT not mine, not endorsing.... posted 4 PM Saturday or there abouts Henry ______________________________ Jet 10” Contractor Saw - tools - by owner - sale Jet 10” Contractor Saw -...
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    For Sale - Powermatic 3520b lathe with outboard turning extension

    If you hover your 'mouse' over a user's name a portion of profile shows up, including their stated location. Steve's says 'Mount Ulla' - but I have to admit I don't know where that is; I have the expectation that is in Western NC, but haven't checked.
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    For Sale - Powermatic 3520b lathe with outboard turning extension

    Want me to post on Woodcentral for you? It's (inter)national but mostly North American and lot's of turners. I'd post generically with details on the item and general location (is this Western NC?) and request to contact me; I'd send a link to your post.
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    For Sale - Powermatic 3520b lathe with outboard turning extension

    Steve If I were in the market for a larger lathe I would jump on this, but alas I am not. As I understand it, these (and many other large lathes) hold their value well, so I believe that you have priced this fairly.... but then I am not the one who is purchasing. Perhaps post it on other sites...
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    Oscillating Spindle Sander Wanted (I think)

    I have an older Ryobi - thought I would use it enough to justify purchase (used on CL) but so far none of my projects has needed it (I also have a frequently used mid-size belt-disk sander). Long term thinking here, I know I'll want to use it, and when I do, it'll be ready. It's just a dust...

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