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  1. McRabbet

    What is your indispensable hand tool?

    Safety glasses, 29 dB Peltor Ear Muffs and Gervin half-face respirator are always in use whenever I am working in my shop = Indispensable.
  2. McRabbet

    Lucky Lottery Ticket

    Congratulations to the lucky couple -- 54 year of enjoying life together!
  3. McRabbet

    16/4 Mahogany

    Rob, You might try contacting Brian Boggs (Brian Boggs Chairmaker) in Asheville ( (828) 398-9701 ). You;ll probably want to ask for Melanie, Brian's wife and co-owner and feel free to mention my name (Rob Payne, Western NC Woodworkers Association) in making your request. Brian is part of a...
  4. McRabbet

    Machine cleaning & waxing

    I use CRC 3-36 Spray Corrosion Inhibitor and Lubricant and it keeps all metal surfaces rust free. I'm on the same spray bottle after 5 years.
  5. McRabbet

    One thing leads to another (Final pictures)...

    Superb craftsmanship, Jim! A beautiful tool cabinet to complement your bench.
  6. McRabbet

    Clamps needed to borrow/rent

    Nice job on your clamping strategy -- results should be fine based on what we can see. Your tabletop material looks very well prepared as well.
  7. McRabbet

    Heirlooms without a destiny

    Your father was an incredible craftsman! I agree that it is too bad that today's generation does not recognize the beauty and creativity in such work... Perhaps they should be placed in a museum collection.
  8. McRabbet

    quick poll

    I maybe got to the semi-pro level about 13 years ago for a few years with a number of lucrative commissions, but I cut back after my wife passed in 2010 and as I got older. Just a hobbyist now, but still enjoy making sawdust.
  9. McRabbet

    Bad catch on the lathe

    The infamous Roger!
  10. McRabbet

    Rate your wood preference

    Cherry Walnut White Oak (both rift and quarter sawn) Hard Maple (Curly and straight grained) Baltic Birch Plywood Soft Maple Ash Thin Craft Woods (thin stock for boxes, inlay and intarsia)
  11. McRabbet

    Katz-Moses Shop Apron

    Nice looking apron with great features. I went ahead and ordered one.
  12. McRabbet

    170" bandsaw blade needed

    Try Woodcraft Bands here in NC.
  13. McRabbet


    The parts diagram shows that as a handle on the lock screw for the tilting mechanism.
  14. McRabbet

    Bubinga slab wanted

    Steve Wall Lumber in Mayodan. But it will not be cheap. (I bought some about 12 years ago and he had the best price back then at about $10/bf for 8/4 -- now $14/bf for 12/4). Note that the prices I used are not for slabs.
  15. McRabbet

    Antique Planes and Marking Gauge

    Pretty good explanation by the English Woodworker, since you have a paired Hollow and Round set, I'd use the back of the plane for raising the blade versus the top as he shows. I have a small plane hammer from Lee Valley that I use with my hollows and rounds.
  16. McRabbet

    Long Term Update On College

    Congratulations on your degree and your excellent website -- nice work! Once this phase of social isolation is over, we'd love to have you come share your story with fellow woodworkers at one of our meetings of the Western NC Woodworkers Association at Klingspor's Woodworking Shop in Fletcher...
  17. McRabbet

    The death of my first friend, my dad

    My condolences as well.
  18. McRabbet

    How I kick start a commission

    I must agree with others that your $2,500 - $3,000 is low -- I would be in the $4,500 - $4,800 area, close to Phil's estimate. I assume you are using some A-A White Oak Plywood for the side panels and shelving and solid wood for the cabinet top, face frames, doors and molding.
  19. McRabbet


    I buy my casters with polyurethane wheels from Lee Valley. Very good quality and rated for plenty of load.
  20. McRabbet

    Bar counter top finish

    Willem, I used Behlen's Rock Hard Table Top Varnish on several projects, including a veneer top on a table in our kitchen. I stripped off the original clear finish (sanded) to reveal the maple veneer top. I applied a cherry stain and then sealed the raw wood with a 50:50 mix of the varnish...

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