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    Anybody Ever Built a Pocket Hole Machine?

    Thinking about building a pocket hole machine. There are two types, drill, based upon Kreg Foreman, and router, similar to Castle 100. I'm leaning towards router based. ShopNotes (issue 42) had such a machine. Woodsmith's weekly tips recently featured this machine. Unfortunately, you have to...
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    Fifty Foot 12-3 Drop Cord $29.99

    Northern Tool has their Prime 50', 12-3 drop cords on sale for $29.99 thru 8-22. Good price on a 50 foot drop cord.
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    General contractor asks for a non-code cabinet.

    Because he is a GENERAL contractor, and not an ELECTRICAL contractor, he shouldn't be expected to know the electrical code. That is what he hires electricians for.
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    Abandon my chop saw?

    Take the above stand, and make it into a flip top cart, with portable planer attached to other side. Two for the space of one.
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    Earth Quake in North Carolina !??

    Couple of small cracks in drywall seams in ceiling in great room. I was busy cooking biscuits and wife came into kitchen and said "What was that?" I replied, "What are you talking about?" Daughter and SIL are staying at cabin the the mountains, about 20 miles from epicenter. Said the whole...
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    Thickness Planer - $125 (Wilmington)

    At that price, I can be there by midnight, leave the porch light on! Wait, I already have three planners. By the way, where is anyone getting boards wider than 12"? Slabs for tables maybe?
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    Sold. For $300, it was STOLEN!
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    Who's been in construction for a really long time?

    First hard hats came about on Hoover Dam project. Guys would dip straw hats in multiple coats of tar and let it harden. Rock climbers used them to protect from falling debris from other rock climbers. Rock climbing wasn't a sport, but guys with jack hammers lowered over the side of the clift to...
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    No more woodworking for awhile..........

    When we first moved into our house (1980) I stored a round dining table for two weeks. Took it apart, and lowered it attached to a couple of ropes into return air duct for HVAC. Furnace is on second floor, in furnace / utility room. At that time we had a morning paper route. Wife's parents spent...
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    Just Plain STUPID - Lowes

    I apologize for using wrong name. It was Barrs "Spray and Forget, not Jomax. I had just looked at Jomax, along with several other house washes. This is a product that HD doesn't stock (no HD sku number), but somehow a pallet got into local store. Cheaper to sell for a penny than to ship it back...
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    Just Plain STUPID - Lowes

    First they didn't do me a favor, unless you call being business a favor. Somehow, I got the idea that businesses were there to serve the customer's needs, thus making a profit. On the house wash, not just NO, but HECK (Can't use the word of choice here) NO! Sign said $0.25. On box in black...
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    Mini-split installation

    Used to build metal buildings, and we used GE sleeve units like you see in motels. Never a problem.
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    Dealing with Rotting Door Jamb

    Saw this tip in FHB many years ago. Figure about how much you need to shim jamb out to get it in center of opening. On hinge side of opening, using level, install shims at hinge locations. Fasten in place. Slide door frame in and screw hinges to shims. On exterior doors, I find it easier to...
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    Just Plain STUPID - Lowes

    First, to get to original keys, you have to open blister pack. In Lowes, self service machine was down, plus it DOES NOT take a Lowes CC. Go figure? HD cut my keys before check out. Glad I went to HD, as they had a pallet of Jomax house wash (64oz size) for $0.25 a jug. Deal gets better, as it...
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    Mini-split installation

    Unless the lines attach with piercing valves, and are precharged, then you need to sweep them with nitrogen, then pull a vacuum. Prior to Jan 1, 2020, anybody could buy a cylinder of 410-A
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    Sound system..?

    AM /FM stereo receiver, with outside antenna. Speakers are a pair of Radio Shack book shelf (about 4"X 6",) with a bass trumpet located between speakers. From house, using a Scosche FM transmitter connect to music on you tube, or Direct TV Malt Shop Oldies. In shop have a Sony Walkman, also...
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    Bessey Clamps Cleanup

    Get a piece of 4", schedule 20 sewer pipe and a cap to fit it, that is long enough to hold the bars of clamps. Glue cap on one end. Support sewer pipe vertical, and fill with white vinegar. Slide heads of clamps all the way closed, then let bars hang down into vinegar, and soak for 30 minutes...
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    Just Plain STUPID - Lowes

    Went into local Lowes this afternoon to buy an exterior door lock (keyed entry.) Needed to get four extra keys, besides the two that comes with lock. Customer no service person told me first I had to buy lock, pay for it, then come back, and they would cut my keys, which would I have of go thru...
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    Dealing with Rotting Door Jamb

    To make a six foot level, zip tie a level to a piece of 3/4 plywood about three inches wide. Cut a couple notches where zip ties go over edge of plywood. HD used to sell (I haven't bought any lately) composite door jamb stock by the piece. If old door is reusable, this might be the route to take
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    Large Planer Service

    Rent a floor orbital floor sander. You will need to build a "skirt" around the edge of the top, to prevent sander from leaning off top and beveling edges. Skirt needs to be same height as top. Goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, sand top while on floor, not up on legs and apron.

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