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  1. LeftyTom

    New from Asheboro

    Post in some more threads, give it a few days.
  2. LeftyTom

    New from Asheboro

    Welcome to NCWW, David.
  3. LeftyTom

    Well, this kindof just happened....

  4. LeftyTom


    Happy birthday!
  5. LeftyTom

    What is your indispensable hand tool?

    I can't decide between my thingamajig or my whatchmacallit.
  6. LeftyTom

    New from Cherryville

    Welcome to NCWW, Cody.
  7. LeftyTom

    Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector Recommendations?

    A Duke Energy transformer up the road went south last week. When power was restored an hour later, the Firex smoke detector in the basement went bonkers, continuously sounding the alarm. This alarm is interconnected with a second alarm upstairs, which was going off also. The upstairs detector...
  8. LeftyTom

    Drill press (was) kicking GFI breaker

    I had a flaky GFCI in the kitchen, which tripped every so often, when the microwave was turned on. I checked that all connections were tight, but intermittent tripping of the GFCI continued. I replaced the GFCI, and issue has not come back.
  9. LeftyTom

    Lucky Lottery Ticket

    Happy aniversary to the two of you!
  10. LeftyTom

    New to woodworking, need some guidance (after a rambling background story) of end table wood choices

    My finish of choice now is Waterlox Original. No need to sand between coats, safe to use indoors. Disclaimer: I am not saying this is the best/only option. I know David is wanting non-complicated suggestions. Some with more experience with his wood of choice will chime in. BTW, welcome...
  11. LeftyTom

    Progress on Workbench

    Quite the sturdy base.
  12. LeftyTom

    Need Switch Cover For Delta 10"Drill Press

    I saw a pic online, using an outlet box, and I based mine on that. The difficult part is getting the mounting holes lined up with the drill press. The blank cover for the box was too thin, breaking when I tried to drill and cut the switch opening.
  13. LeftyTom

    Repeat with better photos

  14. LeftyTom

    Latest nesting tables

  15. LeftyTom

    The death of my first friend, my dad

    My deepest condolences.
  16. LeftyTom

    Spindle Or Hand Sand?

    Well, I don't need a new tool (said no woodworker, ever). :p
  17. LeftyTom

    Spindle Or Hand Sand?

    I am working on a table with curved skirts (no, I am not wearing the skirts). After running the pieces by the spindle sander, I still have a few bumps to flatten (may not be noticeable in the pics). Would you touchup using the spindle sander or sandpaper attached to a curved piece of scrap?
  18. LeftyTom

    Bandsaw Tire Check

    I do not know why the blade lube is funky this time. It even came off on one of the guide bearings.
  19. LeftyTom

    Bandsaw Tire Check

    I wouldn't think so, as the tire stayed in place when I slipped it back on, and cut the 2 remaining pieces.

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